Back on the road to Ironman 2013/2014

Number one lesson learned from 2013 - Strength Training can NOT be ignored!
Yoga is my friend and I need to get there at least once a week!

Road 2 Hope Half Marathon  I don't think this one is going to happen this year
Strength Training!

Around the Bay - Going to hope I can keep this one on the list. It didn't happen with the winter we had, I wasn't willing to risk an injury just to do a running race. I will enjoy my  $100 t-shirt and hat though :)
May 4th - Mississauga Full Marathon - Did the Half, didn't beat my time from last year but it was still great to get back into a race! Looking forward to crushing my record next year.

June 21 - Guelph Lake 1 - Olympic

August 17 - Mont Tremblant Ironman

October - Scotia Half with my Bro

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