Wednesday, August 31, 2011

it was a tough one

This schedule for this past weekend had the longest run yet with a distance of 16km.  It was very windy out on Sunday, windy enough to keep DH off the water (there were people surfing in Lake Ontario).  I ate a late breakfast of what I realized after was too light on the carbs and watched a movie while I let my food settle. 

I was going back and forth on where I felt like running but just decided I would head to the beach path as the path is exactly 8km each way. It couldn't have been easier and I wouldn't have to think about the distance, I would just have to do the running.  I got down there around 3pm and got myself ready to go.  I started off between the 200 and 400 m markers.  I don't remember if I walked to start, I probably did for the first 200 m or so.

I was feeling ok, not as great as I had felt the week before and I think part of that was because I had run on Saturday this week.  Last week I didn't do a run the day before the LSD.  I made my way past the first rest stop passing the go-kart track and public pool continuing down the path past Hutches and then Barangas.  There were a few people out on the patios along the way enjoying the sun but I was enjoying running past them.

I kept going trying not to pay too much attention to the markers along the path, I just wanted to get to the turn around at 8km.  Once I got there I knew I just had to get back, I was half-way done then.  I was pretty happy running the loop in the path and don't know if it was in my mind or real that I had a huge smile on my face when I got there.

On the return I starting really feeling it in my legs, I was getting tired and sore.  I usually would stop and stretch a bit, usually when I have about 3km left to go but I didn't this time, I just wanted to be done.  I kept pushing trying to keep my heart rate at or above 160, it wasn't the entire time but I wasn't too worried about it. 

I had two G2 gatorades with me but I think I am going to have to find more energy supplements for these long runs.  I felt like I was going to sick within about an hour after I got home so now is the time during the training to see what else will work for me.

I also just signed up for the Run for Hope on Nov 5, I'm doing the 10km with my friend who is signing up for her first race ever too!  So proud of her for pushing beyond the comfort zone and doing this!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another sunday long run

Waiting for the bridge
I was up to 14 km on the my training schedule for my long run.  I was looking at the route I used last week trying to see where I could squeeze in two more kilometres.  I really wasn't feeling it so decided to head down to the good old beach path.  When in doubt, head to the beach.The parking lot was pretty empty with the few sprinkles of rain we had in the morning, I guess it scared them away.  I got myself laced up, strapped in with my music and pouch and off I went.  I walked the few first hundred metres to warm up a bit and get my legs going then I took off in my running pace.  It seemed to be a struggle to get above 160 with my heart rate, I seemed to stay around 150-154. 

Within the few ten minutes I realized I should have made a pit stop before I left the parking lot but it was too late now, I was on my way.  There are another set up public washrooms but it was a good 5km down the path but I didn't have a choice anymore.

I tried to focus on my heart rate and stick to the 10/1 plan.  It was about 40 minutes later I made it to the washrooms.  I had stopped runtastic and my hrm but when I went to start up again I must have hit end and save instead of continue so my activity was ended at 4.32 km in.  I got a new activity started and continued on my way. 

My running felt better as I made my way down and around to the 7km marker, I think I went as far as 7200 meters and turned around.  On the way back the sun was starting to poke out a bit more and every time the temperature shot up a good 10 degrees.  On the return trip I felt really good, I was starting to feel it in the inside thigh but I kept pushing along and by the last two 2km I was really moving knowing that I was really close to finishing.
another beautiful night run from aug 18

My average speed was 6.3 km/h, at least I know the speed work is improving my game :)
This is by far the longest I have ever rung and it felt great, it even felt better than the 12km run last week!  I'm reading for you week 11 and your 16 kms!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I liked 10km better...

I am just taking a break from working for a minute to whine and complain.  I hurt, I hurt all over.  My feet are sore, my legs and hips are achy and my shoulders are tense and tight.  Ok...I'll stop whining now.

I golfed nine holes yesterday (the one and ONLY day of the year I golf), this was after a 3km run. 

I got up this morning I think around 7:45 am.  I cleaned the bathroom then puttered around, talked to a few people on the phone then did a little purging from the fridge and my dresser.  I guess the mood to declutter came over me today lol.

Tony was back earlier than I was expecting so we had breakfast for lunch and watched a movie.  He ended up going back out to fish the evening bite and I went for my long run.

I mapped out my route to go across Uppermiddle to Country Club Lane, back across Uppermiddle to Walkers then north on Walkers to the bike path where I cut back across to Uppermiddle.  It was around the ninth kilometer I was really starting to feel the tightness in my legs.  I kept pushing and trying to maintain the run 10 walk 1 ratio.  I came back across Uppermiddle towards home but still had 2km to do so I planned on 5 laps around the track to complete the distance.

The sprinklers were on at the school and as I was making my way around the first lap I thought it was just the sprinkler but it started to lightly rain.  Thankfully the rain remained fairly light so I stayed on my plan.  I was really dragging my *** at the end but I didn't stop running, I just slowed down a bit.

I made my way back home and stopped the clock at 2hrs 5mins and 12.35 km. 

Now, back to work so I can go lay down on the couch with the heating pad on my legs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the joys of running

I ended up having a pretty crazy busy day today and left work later than I had wanted.  By the time I left the highway was in pretty good shape though so there was the benefit of staying.  I cut across Mississauga moving along well on the 403 to the 407 cutoff.  I spent the time catching up with DH as he is in the midst of the salmon derby and fishing full force these days.   My mind was still churning over the details of the day and what is in store for me tomorrow.

When I got home I immediately went hunting for my running clothes and went for my tempo run.  4km was on the schedule for today and I had every intention of following my plan.  I grabbed the bb hit start  on my workout play list and off I went.

I headed over to the school tonight as I use the straight-aways on the track for my speed work and do a walk along the turns.  The place was PACKED!  I couldn't believe how many people were out and about tonight.  It didn't take me long to get into my groove running as fast as I could down the straights.  It didn't take me long, maybe a couple of laps before I was leaving my day behind me choking on the dust.  Okay, maybe the pebbles that got kicked up, there wasn't any dust.  But it's that, the ability to just let the worries and stresses go, that makes running so enjoyable.  It felt like a completely new day by the time I was done. 

I actually stopped during one of my walking sprints to snap this one...I saw the clouds and couldn't pass up the opportunity...gotta love the moments when you get to stop and smell the roses.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

pink sky at night

I am halfway through my training schedule already!

This weekend was pretty jammed packed. I started off my day with one of my favorite shakes, I used almond milk, peanut better, a banana and vanilla protein powder.  I surfed for about an hour looking at used bikes online then got ready to go. I picked up some new running pants from lulu lemon on Friday and thought I would give them a go.  I LOVE them.  They have two front pockets for gels I think (I don't use them yet) and a back pocket with a zipper across my lower back.  I love that they have breathable mesh behind the knees and are a different material than my yoga pants which can get super hot, these ones are made for running.

I got back had another light breakfast then did a little running around to pick up some stuff for weekend prep work.  I made some fresh fruit kabobs and a dip that I totally over mixed to take to my friends engagement party.  I also picked up some black beans and a mango for my usual summer salad for lunch this week. 

I woke up around 9am this morning and first things first made some coffee and toast.  I was heading over to my parents for a family bbq this afternoon and a little swimming.  We got back around 6:20 or so and I got changed and grabbed a Gatorade for my trek.  I really wasn't in the mood to go run 10km tonight, I easily could have curled up on the couch with Tony and gladly watched a movie.  He was pretty tired after getting up at 4am back to back to go fishing this weekend so he didn't join me on my run tonight.  I headed out across uppermiddle and went as far as the bike path would take me. I got to Country Club lane by Milcroft and turned around.  It was about 4 km already so with that and the return trip I only needed to do 4 laps at the track to round out the distance.  The first 10-20 minutes were tough but my legs felt better than yesterday and I just kept pushing forward.  I actually got to the turn around point faster than I thought it would have taken (it really just felt that way though, I wasn't really any faster lol). 

All in all, it was a beautiful night for a great run and I am so glad I went after all and this picture made it worth it!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 7, Run 3

It's week 7 in the schedule. Where have the past few weeks gone, it's already August!  Next week I will be at the half way point already. 

Being the running superstar that I am (haha ya right) I have taken it upon myself to modify my training plan.  I decided (along with the direction from my wonderful surrogate big sister Adena) to join the gym to be able to incorporate swimming into my training.  I will eventually build in cycling as well but not until I finish the marathon. 

I have purposefully not said anything here yet about my future plans (probably a little out of fear or maybe still a little surprised that I want to do this and it hasn't fully sunken in yet) but I am going to start incorporating more sports into my workouts and more "events" to maintain my focus and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.  I need a reason to workout and "because it's good for you" just doesn't cut it...I was smoker for 10 years...that should tell you something lol.

As I said,  I decided to change my plan around a bit and do some speed work tonight instead of a steady run.  I ran almost all-out on the straight-aways on the track and walked the turns for mini recovery periods.  It was actually fun running tonight going fast, in my head I was picturing myself running flawlessly and super fast and looking like I actually belonged on a track.  What I looked like in reality or to the people at the track I will never know...I'll just keep the nice image of myself in my mind.

Monday, August 1, 2011

so that's what 10kms feels like

I finished my first ever 10km distance this weekend. I wanted to the long run out of the way early on in my weekend so I went out Saturday morning. I initially planned to hit the beach path but due to the highway closure by the skyway, there was NO way I was getting down there.  I doubled back home and laced up heading out for my "close to" home long distance run plan that I have used before.

I headed out along uppermiddle to walkers line, turning around and headed to the track to finish up.  I think I went around about 10 times to give me the minimum 10k distance I needed.   I lost track though and just kept checking how far I had already gone.  

I love passing other runners while I am out, I find there is a common respect between you and them as you are both out there going the distance and making the effort.  Overall the run was good but it was a harder run than last week even though it was only .75km longer.  I think I run better in the evenings or maybe I just enjoy being out more at that time of day.

I took yesterday as my rest day and went and splashed around a bit in my parents pool. The water felt great, what a nice break from the heat, I didn't really swim at all I just enjoyed the water.

I am struggling with what I will do today while I have a bunch of things I want and should do, it's a matter of decided what I will do first.  I guess this is what happens when you don't really have a plan, you sit and surf the morning away.  Ah well I guess that's what holiday Mondays are for :)