Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Remember, this is temporary!

I was having a rough day yesterday and it seems to not have gotten any better today.   I think the pain in my knees got to me over the past few days.  I did a workout on Friday and I was feeling it big time over the weekend.   Maybe I am feeling the pain more now, maybe I was just blocking it out when I was at the tail end of my training in the summer.   Okay, maybe it's been a little rough since they looked at my X-rays and I found out that I needed to see the sports doctor and that I might need surgery and if I do, it's more waiting. Thinking back even my swim coach gave me a pep talk that last couple of times I saw him on the pool deck.   I walked into chiro last night and my doctor gave one  look at me and new I was not in a good place mentally.  He reminded me this is temporary but is this one of those scenarios where I can't see the forest for the trees?

I really do try to focus on the things I can do and not on what I can't. But I'm scared, I am scared that I really caused some serious damage, I'm scared that I won't be able to run the races I want to run next year and I am scared because I don't know how long I can't run for. Ok so maybe I AM  panicking about it, I refused to admin that before... But I'm told that it's okay to panic, that panic turns into anger and anger into focus so maybe it's just a matter of going through the process.

The other thing I am struggling with is that I miss my run therapy. I have worked out so many things while I was out on a run and now, I can't see the problem here right?   So besides panicking I am getting twitchy and anxious and seriously need to find an outlet for all this energy.  I physically feel a need to run, it's a desire it's a need that is deep within.  This is the first time in over two years I haven't gone for a regular run and it's seriously starting to get to me.

Maybe it's time to just open a can of "suck it up", suck it up that I can't run boohoo poor me...I can still swim and I can bike and I can lift weights till I can't lift any more.  It's a funny thing this internal back and forth I am going through.  I guess I just need to keep my chin up, stay positive and remember this is just temporary...and for now get my ass to the gym!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Pity party of none, not one.

I was practically vibrating I wanted to run so badly on Friday, the only thing I "can't" do and that was the only thing I wanted to do.  I have been running for over two years now and being told "no running" felt like I had been given a punishment!  

The pity party of one didn't last too long as I reminded myself that my focus is strength training for weight loss, lose more weight while building more muscle will only make running better and me faster and stronger!  I just have to keep reminding myself of everything I still can do!

The only thing I need to remember is that I am in this for the long haul, not just a few weeks or even months but this is what I love do to and I don't plan on stopping any time soon.  So with that in mind the bumps I have along the road now will only make be strong for years to come.

On that note I had a great 60 km bike ride on Saturday morning.  It felt great, I haven't gone for a ride like that in about a month so it was a lot of fun to get back on the road for a longer distance.  Sunday I did AB Ripper X from the P90X program then a bunch doctor approved of hip & leg exercises.  Let me tell you, I am FEELING it today!

On the workout front, that's pretty much it for now. The focus remains on strength training, swimming and biking and what ever else I am allowed to do, probably anything as long as it's little to no impact on the knees, they have been through enough already.

Friday, September 13, 2013

slate clear direction set

"Slate clear, direction set" these were my doctor's words.

just highlighting a few for you
So it turns out that my knees are riddled with bone spurs, also affectionately known as Osteophytes.  I had x-rays done this week and low and behold they are everywhere and not in one knee, both knees.  He also mentioned and this is the best part... my knees aren't the worst he has ever seen, but they are the worst for someone my age.  This is NOT how I want to be known in his office.  I am going to be known as the girl who totally worked her ass off to get the results she wanted!

So what happens next...I go see a specialist and see what their recommendation is for treating this thankfully there are a few options and all I can do is keep moving forward. IMMT 2014 awaits!

slate clear direction set

Running road to hope this year, probably out of the question as I am off running for the time being.  Swimming and biking are in so great news there and I will ask about roller-blading when I go back next week.

slate clear direction set

I have mostly let go of the negative feelings I had about my Ironman race and am really looking forward to racing in 2014.  This is a new year, new goals, new experiences and new lessons to learn!  And learn I will!

slate clear direction set

I now am looking at resetting my goals expectations and goals for the remainder of the year.  I certainly plan to spend as much time as possible strength training to work on becoming a lean mean triathlon machine!  

slate clear direction set

Each new day is an opportunity to work hard and move one step closer to my goals and kick my own ass!  I have never felt such determination as I do today!

Slate clear direction set.  You bet it is!

If there is anything anyone can learn from my experience it would be this: If you are exercising to lose weight, please please please ensure you are incorporating a strength training program into your overall strategy as this is critical and PLEASE consult a doctor who is familiar with strength training and weight loss to ensure you are doing things safely and correctly.  Message me if you are looking for someone to assist with this and I will pass along my doctor`s contact info.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting back at it, but isn't it the "off season"?

Tonight had me at the chiropractic clinic where my doctor had me doing step ups and then the cables... I use to hate the cables but I am starting to grow fond of them.   At his clinic it's so much more than the usual 5-10 minute appointment you might have had at another clinic,  you get your butt kicked as your treatment is geared towards your injury or main area of weakness then usually some acupuncture and if you are really lucky you get ART. He is also tailoring a strength training program for me  to follow during the "off season". 

What is the off season you ask considering my key race of the year has passed and I am still training and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. The off season gives me a chance to focus on areas where I need to make some changes, for example improving my flexibility and building strength and also getting leaner and meaner for the next race season. The off season is also I time where I don't have a heavy training program like I will come spring and summer and it gives me a break mentally from the stress out of a rigorous schedule. And it's the time of year that I don't have to wake up before the birds to train. 

While it may be the triathlon off season it's still running season and I am now preparing for the Road 2 Hope half marathon so I guess I am also training for something. Next up after R2H will be the around the bay road race and then the Mississauga marathon in May.  Well there you have my plans for the next nine months in case you were wondering. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sometimes you need to remember where you came from to appreciate where you are now.

I can't find the words that can explain this year so far but I have certainly gained a lot of perspective and learned a lot about life.  There have been so many ups and downs and all these experiences have changed me and how I see the world and live my life.   I have learned there is absolutely no reason to worry about anything ever.  All you really can do is enjoy life, live the life you want to live and if you love someone tell them, tell them every day.    Oh and of course, you really don't know what tomorrow brings so buy the shoes and eat the ice cream!

Reading back through my posts from my first year of triathlon training also reminding me how far I really have come in the past two years.  It was just over two years ago this incredible journey started with first learning how to run outside and here I am today having participated in one of the hardest races a person can sign up for!   As Adena said, "this is a journey" thank you for reminding me.  The past two weeks were tough but like everything else that has happened this year, it's just another experience and more lessons learned.  I guess I just needed a little time to feel what I needed to feel and am now ready to move forward.

Yesterday I went through all the photo's Tony had taken during the weekend up at Mont Tremblant and they are ah-maz-ing! Looking at all the pictures I remembered what an awesome weekend it was and I really felt happy and proud of myself and remembered all the excitement and feelings I felt leading up to the race.  

Below are some pictures from my first Ironman experience and don't worry there will be more, I already signed up for 2014 :)

IRONMAN, you can't help but feel the energy and excitement in the air!

The "Angry Beaver"

The M Dot was every where, even on our dessert!

The BEST volunteers!

Chantelle and I before the swim start.

Cheer squad along the red carpet.

My IronMom and IronDad :)
Best Cheer Squad Ever!

My personal Ironman Support Crew!

A few more teammates! 

Getting ready to check-in our gear.,

more angry beavers

Pre-race dinner...carb loading :)
The benefits of working out 14+hours...
you can eat WHAT EVER YOU WANT!

lots of emotion before the start.

Morgan & 1  on our way from the swim to T1 to star the bike.
We started and finished the swim together :)

90k done, 90k to go then the run!