Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Getting back at it, but isn't it the "off season"?

Tonight had me at the chiropractic clinic where my doctor had me doing step ups and then the cables... I use to hate the cables but I am starting to grow fond of them.   At his clinic it's so much more than the usual 5-10 minute appointment you might have had at another clinic,  you get your butt kicked as your treatment is geared towards your injury or main area of weakness then usually some acupuncture and if you are really lucky you get ART. He is also tailoring a strength training program for me  to follow during the "off season". 

What is the off season you ask considering my key race of the year has passed and I am still training and will continue to do so for the rest of the year. The off season gives me a chance to focus on areas where I need to make some changes, for example improving my flexibility and building strength and also getting leaner and meaner for the next race season. The off season is also I time where I don't have a heavy training program like I will come spring and summer and it gives me a break mentally from the stress out of a rigorous schedule. And it's the time of year that I don't have to wake up before the birds to train. 

While it may be the triathlon off season it's still running season and I am now preparing for the Road 2 Hope half marathon so I guess I am also training for something. Next up after R2H will be the around the bay road race and then the Mississauga marathon in May.  Well there you have my plans for the next nine months in case you were wondering. 

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