Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sometimes you need to remember where you came from to appreciate where you are now.

I can't find the words that can explain this year so far but I have certainly gained a lot of perspective and learned a lot about life.  There have been so many ups and downs and all these experiences have changed me and how I see the world and live my life.   I have learned there is absolutely no reason to worry about anything ever.  All you really can do is enjoy life, live the life you want to live and if you love someone tell them, tell them every day.    Oh and of course, you really don't know what tomorrow brings so buy the shoes and eat the ice cream!

Reading back through my posts from my first year of triathlon training also reminding me how far I really have come in the past two years.  It was just over two years ago this incredible journey started with first learning how to run outside and here I am today having participated in one of the hardest races a person can sign up for!   As Adena said, "this is a journey" thank you for reminding me.  The past two weeks were tough but like everything else that has happened this year, it's just another experience and more lessons learned.  I guess I just needed a little time to feel what I needed to feel and am now ready to move forward.

Yesterday I went through all the photo's Tony had taken during the weekend up at Mont Tremblant and they are ah-maz-ing! Looking at all the pictures I remembered what an awesome weekend it was and I really felt happy and proud of myself and remembered all the excitement and feelings I felt leading up to the race.  

Below are some pictures from my first Ironman experience and don't worry there will be more, I already signed up for 2014 :)

IRONMAN, you can't help but feel the energy and excitement in the air!

The "Angry Beaver"

The M Dot was every where, even on our dessert!

The BEST volunteers!

Chantelle and I before the swim start.

Cheer squad along the red carpet.

My IronMom and IronDad :)
Best Cheer Squad Ever!

My personal Ironman Support Crew!

A few more teammates! 

Getting ready to check-in our gear.,

more angry beavers

Pre-race dinner...carb loading :)
The benefits of working out 14+hours...
you can eat WHAT EVER YOU WANT!

lots of emotion before the start.

Morgan & 1  on our way from the swim to T1 to star the bike.
We started and finished the swim together :)

90k done, 90k to go then the run!

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