Saturday, December 29, 2012

Wow 2012 that was fantastic!

10 mins before the race start
better get that wet suit on!
Looking back over the past year I still have to pinch myself to realize that yes, this is my life.  In the past 12 months I have pushed myself harder than I ever thought possible.  I have done things that I would have never considered doing and had so many new first experiences and all of it has been amazing!  Not long ago, a friend made a comment to me that I think about from time to time.  She said that while I am still me...I am NOT the same person I was a year ago and I am so lucky that she is right!

Kris and I before my first ever Triathlon...
Can you tell by my half smile that I felt
nauseous up to the minute before the start

It was in October when I started this post and at that time it was the one year anniversary of my very first race, the Scotiabank Half Marathon.  Signing up for that race I didn't gave much thought to how this was going to change my life, I didn't know it could or would and it was during the training I saw an ironman race online.  Mike Riley was cheering on the races saying "so and so you are an IRONMAN!"   That was all I needed to see, that was all I needed to hear, and I knew that I needed to an ironman race.   It was like everything I was searching for became clear in that moment.  I ran my first race a few weeks after that day and that was the next step in my journey.

T2 during Muskoka 5150
When I first reached out to Coach Nancy, I really had no idea what I was in for nor did I have any idea that I was getting WAY MORE than a coach and a program when I joined her team.  Over the past year I have learned so much about the sport of triathlon, nutrition, training tips and techniques and about myself. I have pushed myself to do more than ever thought possible.  I have met some of the most incredible people and am so very fortunate to call these folks team-mates and my friends!  I could not have accomplished everything I have if it wasn't for being part of this team.  It was amazing hearing them cheer at races, I know I ran faster and harder every time I was passing by them.  Even when we were training, knowing I was meeting someone kept me honest and their encouragement to dig deep and finish the workout was always appreciated!  Thank you my fellow IronCanucks, thank you for your friendship, your support, your encouragement and your believing in me always! Thank you,  I really can't say that enough!!!

A few of the IC cheer squad representing at Muskoka 5150!
So what are all the "firsts" I mentioned before, well to name a few from this past year it all started with running in the winter, taking my first spin class to riding a road bike (on the road with LOTS of traffic) every Saturday morning increasing the distances week after week.  Swimming in a wetsuit, even just wearing a wetsuit was new...I had never put one of those one before and boy was that apparent with my choice of language when I tried my own suit on for the first time.  I finished a half marathon in under 3 hours and I simulated then raced in my first triathlon sprint distance race, an Olympic distance and then wrapped up the year racing in a half ironman!  

All in all, I spent the past year out of my comfort zone I loved every minute of it!  Okay, maybe there were a few minutes I was less then thrilled but you catch my drift.

The Finish line at Muskoka 70.3, I made it!
During my training I had the opportunity to go and give back a little team mate love cheering for a few of the IronCanucks as their raced in an Ironman race.  For some, they were the rookies or the first timers and for others they were already seasoned ironman veterans looking for another finish.  Being there for this race even as a spectator at this event I was overwhelmed with emotion and energy.  I was also surprised with the random acts of emotion I experienced through out the day as I was not expecting to be so affected by a race, but this is so much more than a race.  It is truly a major life experience that impacted me even as a cheerleader that day.

August 18 2013

I have been inspired and changed by this past year, so much so that even before I raced my half ironman, I signed up for the 2013 Ironman Mont Tremblant race.  Yup, that's right I am doing the full 140.6 distance next year so it looks like I am up for another year pushing myself out of my comfort zone and really, there isn't ANYWHERE else I would rather be!

As 2012 is coming to a close and I re-read this post, look at the pictures and remember all the fun I have had this year,  I sit here and feel happy and grateful.  This has been such a terrific year and I am looking forward to 2013 and all that comes with it!

Monday, May 14, 2012 did it all today!


The alarm starting chirping at 5am, I hit snooze and fell back asleep for ten minutes. The "good morning" tune started again and I shut the thing off.  I fell back asleep for a few minutes woke up and pondered staying put or getting up and getting this day started. I had mentioned my morning swim plans to my husband last night he sounded so proud that I was going to get up early on a Monday and work out, if I stayed I felt like I would have disappointed him or something so with that thought I was climbing out of bed.

It was pretty quiet on the pool deck this morning, it can get pretty busy there but not today.  I slipped into the water and it felt warm and comfortable and I was off.  I decided to see specifically what 750m felt like as that is my first sprint swim distance.  I was barely pushing off the wall  with each lap since in the open water I'm not going to have that...too bad though...the push off and gliding through the water is my favorite part of the swim.  You feel so carefree and weightless during that moment. I finished my 750m in about 20-25 minutes and spent another 10 -15 minutes finishing off my swim.


I got home from work a little later than I would have preferred...I need to start leaving earlier in the morning so I can save the 407 for the way home and get home in half the time.  I was trying to plan my bike route in my mind while I was driving home but I just wasn't really feeling it so I mapped out a quick route and got ready.  That was pointless though cause by the time I got on my bike I just wanted to ride so I just went where my bike took me today.  I rode for about 15km and spent the majority of the time in the bike lane on uppermiddle and walkers.  I had climb brant from the power center and went down uppermiddle towards guelph line, it is so much fun flying down the road I was probably around can you not love that?! 


I got back to the house and had my own mini transition, brought the bike in, switched my shoes and grabbed my tunes and ran out the door.  I have a couple different go-to routes around the house and at first I was just going to head to the track but I opted for my 3km route instead.  It is a bit of a strange feeling running right off the bike, it's like I feel hyper or something but it only took me about 1km to get into my running groove.  I actually really enjoyed the run but glad I kept it brief tonight.  I am feeling it in my hamstrings from the p90x yoga yesterday.

With the calorie burn from the swim this morning I probably burned about 900-1000 calories today.  I remember when burning 300 seemed like a lot.  Now anything under 500 doesn't seem worth it. 

All in all, a great day! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mississauga Half - Race Report

I wasn't really feeling this race, I felt like I hadn't mentally prepared enough.  I almost let myself think I hadn't physically prepared enough for the distance...if that was remotely true then what the heck was I doing all the Sunday mornings?  Saturday I took it fairly easy, went for a massage and did some running around and picked up the race kit.  After I got home and did some more chores around the house I was running around the house feeling like I as doing everything at the last minute.  I still had to pack my bag and get the rest of my gear organized, you know find my sunglasses, pack the fuel wear a hat or not wear a hat would I be too was supposed to be really nice out on Sunday...try on about four different combinations of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and pants before deciding on what felt right. 

 I probably went to bed too late but I wasn't feeling sleepy yet so I read for a while and drifted off probably close to midnight.  I don't think any amount of sleep would have felt like enough when the alarm started chirping at 5 AM.  I had to get up there was no time to snooze, my ride would be there before 6. I got up had my breakfast and paced around the house as I got ready.  My ride showed up and we were off.  I climbed in the car to join my fellow racers Morgan and Justin.
Patricia had come along for moral support too.  On the way in we were chatting and I mentioned how I "wasn't feeling this one" and Justin said "the races you're not feeling it are usually your best ones".  We met up with another teammate Chantelle at the community centre in Mississauga and squeezed on the bus to get up to the starting line at Square One.

waiting to enter the starting chute
so that's whose at the front of the line!
We wandered around the starting area for a while, I love the feeling of anticipation at the start of a race, you can feel the energy in the air with all those people there for the same reason but with their own goals.  I was texting with my colleague Juan, it was his first race ever but it was busy so we wished each other good luck and I got in the queue.  I found the 2:45 pace bunny and picked up a pace band from her.  It was the first time using one of these and it is something I will for sure add to my arsenal!  They played Oh Canada and we were in the 5 minute countdown, people were starting to pack in tighter getting closer to the starting line.  I made some last minute adjustments and we were off!  I cleared the first timing mat and the starting line and put my ear buds in. 

I felt calm.

I made me way down the streets around the corners of the mall making it to Burnhamthorpe Rd.  I was keeping an eye on my pace band, I was slightly ahead of the time and that was fine with me.  Before I know it I was two km in and saw the first rest station and briefly thought I should stop and make use of the facilities but I remembered what stopping meant at Scotia...time wasted!  I wasn't stopping unless it was an emergency!  I carried on down the same road racking up the km's and I remember thinking it felt easy and  when I got to the turn at Mississauga Road I was surprised I was there already.  I barely had an eye on the pace bunny and making use of the downhills as much as possible by trying to time my walking minute with flat areas.  Much of the pack had thinned out and there were a few people around me that were there for most of the race.  We were making our way down and round the university campus and back out to Mississauga Road.  I kept seeing rest stations and would think to myself, i "could" stop but I really didn't want to so I kept running.

I knew "the hill" was coming. I was still keeping time with my pace band, still slightly ahead which was great.  I was running the winding road leading up to "the hill" thinking this isn't so bad and then it started to climb but I still wasn't that worried.   Juan, Dan and I had driven the route on Thursday so we knew what to expect and I was "dump run" girl...if I could run King Road I could climb this hill.  Okay so I ended up walking the last part but I didn't care, I wasn't disappointed, I knew I still had over 10km to run and I was finishing in under 3 hours this time!

I was on level ground again and it was getting warm, it was actually a gorgeous day in all, the weather was perfect.  I was nearing the turn to head south again going under the highway and getting into Port Credit.  There were still a few people around from the start and we would have the occasional word of encouragement for each other.  As we ran to the park entrance for the lake front path I had stopped for a moment to stretch out my hamstrings and the two ladies stopped to make sure I was okay.  I was okay I just needed to loosen up my legs a bit. 

Running through the parking lot I made my way to the lake front path, I was in the home stretch now.   If just left like a run in the park.  There were lots of people cheering us on through the park, they had a 1960's VW van with the tunes cranked and some of the best signs...I LOVE the sarcastic signs like... "there is beer at the finish line...HURRY!" or "Run like you stole something" or my favorite "Staying up late to make this sign was hard work too!".     The path ended there so we picked up the road to catch the trail over the pedestrian bride at the marina.  Dan, another colleague of mine was there cheering on some friends, it was nice to see a familiar face along the way.  I ran through the marina and back on to the road heading back to the waterfront trail.
I saw the 20km marker got so excited I was so close now.  People were already heading back from the finish with their medals around their necks and cheering us on.  I looked over and saw my teammate Kevin.  He was running us in through the park around the water.  It was great that he was there cause I was definitely running faster. I could really hear the crowd at the finish line.  Kevin said it was just around the water and I remember looking over and  saying "I have to run there?!" it felt so far away but it really wasn't. Kevin turned back there, he said I just had to clear that hill and just GO and I would be there.  Kevin turned back to go wait for Justin to come in from his marathon run.

I cleared the hill and then really turned it on.  I was so close now, Tony was there cheering me in.  He always said "run across that line with everything you've got" so that's what I did.  I was running fast like it was a track work out.  I saw my teammates, Chantelle and Morgan had already crossed the line and Patricia was snapping up photos and I just ran hard.  I heard the announcer call my name and was so excited, it was the best finish yet. I knew I had done it, I crossed the line in under three hours!  I looked down and stopped the time on my watch 2:50!  It was awesome, my best race yet!  

 I went through the finish shoot  and got my medal and they removed the timing chip I had zip tied to my shoe.   Tony found me through the crowd.  We went by the fence and found the other iron canucks, they were waiting to cheer in Justin. 

All in all a great race and a great day for everyone!

just steps away...

Here comes Chantelle!

Here comes Morgan!

Justin owned the marathon!


The finishers and our cheerleaders!  Thanks Patricia and Kevin for the all the support and the great photos!

To my wonderful husband Tony who is always there cheering me on at the finish line and during all my training,  I love you! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

glad that's over...

what a run and I don't mean that in a good was brutal today.  I am just going to get this out and then I will be over it...I was dressed for winter weather,the wind was chilly but I was too warm.  I had dropped my toque just after my first km, thankfully I had only gone about a half a km before I realized so I turned back and kept my eye out and it was right where I had grabbed a drink.  It was my  Pens hat so I was hopping that by finding it, it would be a good sign and Pittsburgh would have pulled through and beat Philly...apparently no such luck.

I was running down Brant and starting have some gi issues, I was debating turning early and heading home but decided to stick to the route.  I turned at costco and hit the path and decided I would take a detour back to the house for a quick stop...might as well stop at home when you can.  My husband was in the midst of his own butt-kicking session when I stopped in.  I was back on my way heading to the path when I was feeling uncomfortable again.  I decided to make another stop while there places available.  I wasn't sure what the deal was today but I wasn't taking any chances...I have heard horror stories and I don't have any interest in living my own.  

I was really dragging my butt today, I noticed my avg speed was 5.66 kmh...if I am on my game and I can be pushing between 6-7 over 7 if I am feeling good but not today.  I was having a hard time staying focused and positive but I think I know where I went wrong.  Yesterday I didn't have enough calories after my ride, nor did I really rest after and I didn't get enough sleep last night oh and I didn't stretch yesterday either and I felt that BIG time today!  I hate to say and I think this is the first time ever (since I started running last year) that I cut the distance short.  I had 21 on the schedule today and I racked up 18.5km.  I just didn't have it in me to go the whole way today.  On the plus side, I learned some big lessons...I realize now how important it is to get enough rest, eating properly to refuel  after a long bike ride when I have a long run back to back oh ya and it's really important to not forget to stretch!!!

After I got home I had a nice big glass of chocolate milk and stretched for maybe 15-20 minutes and now I am pretty much done.  I think taking a cliff bar today saved me today out there.  I crammed a bottle of G2, a bottle of Water the bar and a couple gels and a pack of the sharkies chewy things in my pockets and belt...I doubt I would have made it as far as I did if I didn't  have all that with me today. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

not a perfect week

but it has been a good week.   Monday was a great morning swim. I felt really relaxed and just enjoyed gliding through the water.  I got there right when they opened and made the most of the time I had and got in 1800 meters!   The wind was whipping on Monday evening and I pulled the plug on an outdoor ride on the way home so I set up the training and spun for a three episodes of sex in the city.

Tuesday I missed my run but I had a massage which was needed after that $^%$ing dump run (i'm over it now...but holy crap was that a tough run).  So instead of working out my muscles, I had the knots worked out.  Stretching is helping as it wasn't that painful.  Wednesday they arranged a wetsuit demo for Nineteen websites and I got to learn how to actually put a suit takes a few minutes to wiggle into one of those things!  I was back in the pool in the morning at least so I didn't miss all my workouts. 

This evening I got home from work and threw my gear on and got on the bike rolling around the neighbourhood.  I had the wind at my back and got up to 45km along uppermiddle.  I only rode for about 40 minutes outside as it was getting a little dark with the clouds so I came back and set up the bike on the trainer and just finished my ride inside. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the "dump" run

You might be asking "what's the dump run?"  Oh, I'll tell you. It's the craziest run I have done so far! I thought the hills at lasalle kicked my butt, well those were nothing compared today!  I was running fairly steady as I made my way slowly up King Road and thought okay this is in't soo bad...that when I was around the 7.5 marker and I hadn't really seen the worst yet.  

As I got closer I looked up the hill and realized the road kept going and where it went was up.  I said some profanities and got my run on  and ran as long as I could then got my walk on and walked and walked so more.  I said some more profanities and got the green light from Coach Nancy to turn around and head back down.   That was something, running back down was much better, at least it wasn't until then that the rain really started to come down.

The wind was fairy calm which was good, but the rain really picked up and was coming down steady for run back down to level ground.  It kept up until I go back to northshore but I just reminded myself that I'm not made of sugar.  I also told that little voice in my head to be quiet, you know, the one that was telling me I can'tdo this I can call Tony and see if he'll come pick me up and get my out of the rain.  I reminded myself that I was just making myself tougher and that any run I do without rain now is that much easier.

And now I can say, I ran the "dump run", oh, I guess I should mention that I learned something about burlinton today King Road was built on an old dump and that's why ppl call it the dump run.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a ride!

We met down at Hutches on the beach, I thought I was late after dragging my butt this morning but I got there and people were rolling in behind me.  I was slow to get going today as I got in from work around 1am this morning which made yesterday a looooooonnnnnggggg day. I reset my alarm and slept until 7 then fell back aseelp and hit snooze a couple times.  I finally got myself out of bed around 8:20 and started the oh so important coffee and oatmeal.

I backed two water bottles, two cliff bars and a banana for nutrition forgetting the all important gatorade!  I wrestled with my bike rack and after getting my bike on the rack almost dropped the whole thing pushing the the release switch forgetting about the weight of the bike that was hanging off the rack. 

Nancy rounded us up and gave us the run down and the three groups were off.   We headed down the service road and stuck to that for much of our route.  I wasn't sure how I ended up leading the way for while but I put my anxiety aside and just pedalled!  We took turns drafting "ride in a pace line" and pushed our way through the wind.   We road all the way to Grimsby, actually I think we road through and past Grimsby.   

At one point on the way out I heard that little voice in my head say "what the heck are you doing out here, I can't do this" and thats when I remembered the pic Nancy sent out after our last indoor ride, it read "the voice you hear that says you can't IS A LIAR!"  and that just made me pedal harder!  Nancy stuck with us and gave us feedback on our form and gearing as we rode.

We road out and back for a total of 52 km today with what felt like the wind pushing back at as the whole way.   That's okay though cause now any ride without wind will be easier :)

After the ride I headed home, refueled rested my legs for a bit then headed over to neworld cycle and runners for some more running and cycling gear. I don't remember the last time I bought any clothing or footwear that wasn't swimming, biking or cycling related.  I picked up a paif of tri-shorts, cycling gloves and another long sleeve dry fit top.  It's funny that I love the Nike motto "just do it" but this is the first Nike product I have bought in a long time. I love that motto so much it was my avatar for years.  Part of me even wants to get it as a tattoo but it just seems "so commercial"but you never know, maybe one day...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike.   I got home and wasn't really feeling the weather tonight. I'll run when it's -8 but I won't ride outside when it's +8...any one see anything wrong with this?

Thanks to Kevin (Thanks again Kevin!!!) I was able to ride my bike tonight.  Kevin handed down an old trainer he had kicking around and I set it up tonight and got my spin on.  I moved a little furniture around in the basement tv room and lined myself up with the tv and get ready to roll umm actually I guess I really I mean pedal in place.  I got ready to ride with my snacks on hand, bottle cages loaded and clipped myself in for a 90 min spin session.  I also lined up my on-bike entertainment with sex in the city seriers starting right at the start with season 1,episode 1 and got four shows in.  

It was my first ride on a trainer and it went well, I found it difficult to ride out of the saddle so I was seated for the most part and even though I replaced my old seat with a more cushioned one  I see the benefit of bike shorts...must get a pair!  I was nice to be on my own bike for the ride but I think I need to make some adjustments in my seat position and maybe more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I haven't been posting

I haven't been posting a lot lately because I have been busy!   Busy training and busy registering for races!  I registered for the Mississauga half on May 6th and I signed up for my half iron - Muskoka 70.3 in September!!! Holy smokes it's real now folks, no turning back now I already paid.

I am working out 6 days a week now, I remember when getting that third or 4th workout in was a struggle.  Having a coach and group workouts make a huge difference in keeping me accountable, that and I know that if I want to race then I HAVE to train.  That's it, no other choice, I HAVE to do it.  Yesterday the group was going 16km but on my plan I had 15 so that's what I did. There were a couple people running 12 and for a few minutes I was making up reasons why I should only do 12, but that didn't last long as I reminded myself that going any less than 15 was out of the question.

Saturday we went for our first outdoor group ride and it was great! I was a little nervous about being on the road but I was with some great leaders who gave us a bit of a run down on the signals and things to keep in mind while on the road.   We ended up riding for about 35km in two hours and that was with two stops.  We had a few converstaions along they way and I realized how much fun it was to go for a group bike ride...when was the last time you did that?  I felt like a kid again just going for a ride with friends and I am totally looking forward to getting out there again!
This is from the morning of the Chill half
but you get an idea of how gorgeous the morning can be!
 (minus the frost on the cars :)

I was actually planning to ride outside tonight but the 37km wind gusts had my rethinking that idea. I ended up in the spinning room at the gym instead. Too bad I didn't realize before I headed of there, they didn't have the later spin class on the schedule due to the holiday hours.  It actually worked out ok though as I just ended up making up a program as I went. I did a little speed work, and climbed some hills and I did a few one leg drills.  I also just let my legs spin out a bit as I could feel how tight my muscles were from the weekened activiteis.

My morning started early with the alarm chirping at 5am for my Monday morning swim session.  I have seemed to get over the hump with waking up silly early on Mondays to get to the pool, I learned that for me, the first time is always the hardest after I do something once I realize how easy it is to do it again and again. I had a pretty good swim this morning and did about 1600m.  I actually really enjoy the swimming now and take it a little easy on Mondays.  The pool today was quite nice as there were only four of us swimming at one point.  I guess most people decided to get a little extra sleep today.

I noticed this morning that by the time I got home the morning was in full swing, just last week the day was just breaking when I was walking out of the gym.  

Sunday, April 1, 2012

weekend update

Saturday morning it was round and round on the stationary bike for 2 hours 10 minutes.  That was definitely the longest I have rode a bike, probably ever.It was awesome, it was a pretty tough ride but a great one.  We had rotating instructors during the ride, each with their own style.  Every week the class is totally different but the time goes by pretty fast.  I burned about 1300 calories on the ride and ate a banana, a cliff bar and a pack of sharkies chews. I also had two bottles of water and a G2 gatorade.  For breakfast I had oatmeal with strawberries and protein powder. 

After the ride we had a hot yoga session at a new studio in town, Chrysalis Yoga.  It was just what the doctor ordered after the ride.  It had been a while since I was last in the hot room but it was awesome.  I'm definitely feeling it today though, there are muscles in my back I never realized I had!

Today was run day, I had a 13k on the schedule.  The group went out this morning but I was draggy my ass and didn't make it out in time to meet up.  I planned my route after breakfast and got myself ready.  The rain was coming down lightly when I headed out but it didn't last long, that was before it was pouring but that's what I get for procrastinating.  I felt pretty good running today, I felt strong and the running felt easy for the most part. 

I headed over to rock and road cycle for a quick check-up for my bike.  The gears were clicking a bit so I had them take a look, they adjusted the chain a bit, oil it up and did a couple other small adjustments.  The guys there are great and the shop is really close to home (and they are open on Sundays ;) I picked up pump and a new bottle cage too.

After the weekend running around was done it was time to cook! It is so much easier during the week to just fill containers and go.   This week we have chicken, pork chops some sirloin and butternut squash and vegetable soup all ready to go!

Well, that's all I got and it's time for bed! 5am comes early.

good night!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

whew what a week

Where oh where did last week go? If I think back it went something like this...
Thursday - it was WAY to nice out to be indoors so I climbed aboard the bike and hit the pavement.  I stayed mainly on the bike paths around my place as I am still building my clip-in shoe confidence out in the real world. A spin bike is NO comparison!

Friday - rest day and did I rest! I got home from work and watched a couple movies and went to bed.  It was great!

Saturday - I got up, had some homemade oatmeal...I actually forgot that the oats I use to make cookies with can actually be prepared as Oatmeal.  The old me would have preferred the oatmeal cookies instead, okay who am I kidding I would still prefer the cookies but food as fuel is starting to win out over the tasty and yummy factor...I better change the subject before I go back some cookies.

I had a two hour spin class, the longest on a bike seat yet and wrapped that up with a lovely 20 min run.  My second brick and it felt great! 

Sunday - Many of my fellow Sunday runners ran in the ATB Sunday so I was on a solo run.  Ok well, I'm usually on a solo run or at least it ends up that way about a half a k into the run cause these folks are seriously day I will be able to keep up with them, or at least keep them in sight :)  Anyway I headed down to northshore for more hills.  I find I am running more of the hills and only walked a couple this time so there's another win. It's all in the small victories along the way.

When I got home dh and I followed the "stretching" video of the p90x program...I am still sore and this is their "rest day" exercise!?  I felt better after though and felt like I was able to stretch out a lot of pain from my run. 

On the way I had stopped off at MEC to reload on the running fuel and got side tracked in their clothing department. I really need to learn to go in there with cash in hand. I picked up a vest for cycling, I figured that would appease dh concerns with my road riding as its a neon green colour, serious I look like a construction sign but that's the point.

Monday...ah Monday I was so proud of myself! I went to bed with the determination of getting up at 5am and actually getting out of bed and going for a morning swim and I DID IT!  After you do something the first time it gets way easier.   I then hit a spin class after work to round out the day.

Tuesday...well that's today and the plan is to climb some stairs then climb then again and again and again.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

just wanted to say

1550 yards in 45 mins (unassisted) WOOT WOOT!!!!  Would have been more if I made it out of bed on time lol

Monday, March 19, 2012

safer on the road?

The sun was shining and I actually got home before 6 pm so I got changed and strapped the bike on the back of the car.  I headed down the beach path figuring it would be fairly light in terms of foot traffic...boy was I wrong!  It was quiet down around the lift bridge and the couple kms to the west but the further I got the busier it got. 

I couldn't believe how many people just weave back and forth across the path completely oblivious to anyone approaching from behind.  There are people who let their kids wander all over the place out of arms reach or they let their dogs run as far as they want on the extending leashes, not great when they cut across the path, I nearly got taken out by one of them when I was on rollerblades last year.  Or the people who are too busy texting or even just can't be bothered to look before walking out on the path, you know do the left right left check, like you would when crossing the street.  I almost collided with a family tonight and mom's head was buried in her phone, she would never have seen me coming.  I was trying to call out yelling passing, or on your left and I know a few people heard me but not everyone realized I was talking to them. 

Please folks, if you make your way to the path for a stroll just try to be aware of what is around you.  I know perspective changes if your the one on wheels or not, I have run, rollerbladed and now biked it and in either way you have to be aware.

Ok, that was enough of a rant and public service announcement...

I cut my ride a little shorter than I wanted, but I just got tired of weaving through people, pets and carriages so I turned back. I'm still really glad I got out for a longer ride and gave my clip-in shoes a real go in the outdoors.  I was getting much more comfortable with locking in my shoes and riding.  I decided I might be safer on the roadway instead of the path and will have to check out different bike routes around town.

On another note, dinner was pretty healthy...take a look for yourself.  Baked fish with lemon dill sauce, steamed asparagus and some brown rice.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hump day means double day

I like hump day better when its almost over.  As I wrote the title of this entry I totally got this song in my head...ah come one you did too!

Yesterday I went for a run with the group. It was GORGEOUS outside so we hit the path and headed into the hammer.  Before yesterday I had only driven over the lift bridge, it's somewhat strange running over this bridge as the sidewalk is concrete and the roadway is metal grates.  The water was moving by pretty quickly as well with the wind.  I don't know for sure how far we ran but by mapping it, looks like it was about 8km.  Pretty good for an hour run!  Hopefully next time I am out for a long run, runtastic will make it and track all my data. 

Today, was double header day.  The alarm starting ringing 5am.  I snoozed at least once and crawled out of bed around 5:10.  I got ready and headed to the pool.  I do so much better when I am getting up to meet people, I need to be accountable to someone other than myself for the early bird workouts.  I had a great swim though and went 1600 meters without the aid of the pull-boy!  I felt like I was just gliding through the water, a really enjoyable workout.

This evening I had a strength training workout with the devil my good friend Ali.  She took a lot of joy in crafting tonight's workout and probably had more fun executing, I mean listening to me bitch and whine lol.  It was very boot camp and if you wanna bust your hump, then do one of these workouts. Seriously, a boot camp workout will do the trick!  At a moment of rebellion I told her she had to come to the next group stair workout.  (I wasn't kidding though Ali...get ready to climb!) 

After that I had a massage and holy cow did she find knots I didn't even knew I had. I knew I was tight and tense in areas but holy crap did it hurt when she hit certain spots. I am feel much better now though and am looking forward to another spin class tomorrow. I am ALSO looking forward to my rest day on Friday!

Monday, March 12, 2012

another week off to a good start

So I mentioned in my last post how my coach convinced me (somehow) to meet the team for the 8am run Sunday morning and just had to say I am SO glad she did!  While it was a little tough to get motivated to get up, especially since I lost the hour with the time change it was an amazing run.

We met at the mall and went over the game plan, I mean route plan.  Those running the ATB had a much longer than the rest of us, we were just running for a set time doing an out and back.  We headed out and pretty quickly everyone got into their pace.  I knew I would be bringing up the rear but that was day I will keep day!

I made my way south connecting to lakeshore and headed west.  I followed the path along the road under the highway and before I knew it I was running along the gorgeous houses on northshore.  My glutes were giving me some feedback and I knew I was paying for the ride the day before.  I was keeping my heart rate in the neighbourhood of 166-174. 

At that rate it didn't take long before I was taking off my gloves and my toque and unzipping my coat. I checked the temp before i left the house and I blame this on my sleep deprivation, but I dressed myself as if I was running in -8 weather, not +5! What the heck was I thinking!!!  When I hit the 30 minute mark I had enough and lost the coat. It was even warm with it tied around my waist but I immediately cooled time I wear the chilly half coat I got as it's much lighter. 

I figured the distanced I covered would have been maybe 6km, I thought this based on how my legs were feeling, okay it was really how my glutes felt. I realized after I made it back to the truck that my runtastic session had never started so no data from my run other than my hrt monitor. At least I had my calorie burn and burn calories did I, I burned 600 in that hour run. 
When I got home I mapped the route and was surprised to see that I went 7.4km!  I am getting faster :)

My plan for this morning was to hit the gym and do a swim, I had my bb alarm set for 5:05 and my usual clock set for 7 as back-up just in case.  Well, at 5:05 my bb did its thing I hit snooze and before I knew what happened it was 5:35 when I woke up with the phone still in my hand and my boy cat snuggled up next to me. Well, I'm sure you can assume what happened...the cat hypnotized me with his cuteness and cuddliness and in bed I stayed.   I really wanted to swim, I was practically dreaming about gliding through the water but it just didn't happen.  

Tonight however, a kick ass spin class happend and I burned another 600 calories.   I used my new spinning shoes for the first time tonight and it will definitely take some getting use to.  I found my left foot didn't feel like it was on the pedal enough but the right foot felt great.  I may have to adjust the clip but I think I will give a few goes and see if it feels better.  Over all though, super glad I picked up the shoes when I did, glad to start getting use to them before I am clipped in to a moving bike...what the hell have I got myself into lol

Saturday, March 10, 2012

spin spin sugar

in case you now have the song in your head... you can listen here.

What's the only way to make up for missing the last four work outs? Do two in a row!   Ok so as you know I pretty much burnt myself out last Sunday after my race.   All in all it was totally worth it but I paid for it this week when my cold came back and it was angry.  I pretty much lost my voice and was stuffed up all week and was just plain tired.  That coupled with a few late nights at work (and when I saw late, I mean real late) I was done so when the alarm rang in the morning for the early bird workouts I shut it off and went back to beddy by. 

I got home from work this morning at 3:30am...that was a solid 18 hour day.  When I got home I was fumbling with my keys and while attempting to unlock the front door I set off the car alarm!  Thankfully I haven't seen any neighbours today! After that episode my heart was racing (everything is uber loud at that hour) so I was tossing and turning for a little while.  I had already decided that the 8 am track workout was out of the question and of course the little doubting devil was coming up with reasons why the spin class wasn't going to happen either. But, when as I lay there the guilt crept in and I got up and set my alarm for 9am. 

I think I woke up around 8:30 this morning and had a little convo with my husband.  I asked, should I really go to Spin today and he said "Yes!".  So that was that, I got up made a shake and some coffee and I was getting ready for spin.  This was the first tri group spin class I had attended.  There were a few people I run with regularly as well as the usually Saturday track crew. 

I got set up pretty much right in the front and started spinning.  I had brought a pack of jelly beans and  a tiny trial size granola bar.  I had a shake before I left the house but realized, this was not enough food...lesson learned, must get bars!  We saddled up and were spinning before I knew it.  I have been to a few spin classes now at the gym and each coach definitely has their own style.  I'm not sure what made today so different, maybe it was the real bikes in the room and big bright windows and maybe it was knowing a number of people in the room but I really enjoyed the class.  I had heard the couch will walk around and tighten your tension...not really sure why I thought they were kidding...but their weren't...she does.  My legs are proof lol.  It was a great class though and I'm looking forward to next Saturday.

Since I had bailed on the track workout I had my first brick workout today.  After my 90 minute ride I had a 20 minute run.  I put on a couple extra layers (including my Chilly Half  jacket) and switched into my running shoes.  I nearly bailed on the stairs, my legs felt like rubber.  I met up with one of the track guys as we headed for the door and it wasn't long before he was off.  Since it was just a twenty minute run I did a ten out and back keeping it simple and went about 2.6km.  I know I wasn't running as fast as I could but my legs were pretty rubbery so I think it was fine.  With the ride and the run I burned a total of 1225 calories today! 
I went home after and had another shake and the rest of the egg salad and some rye toast.  We then headed over to neworld and I got some new cycling shoes and pedals.  If you know me pretty well, then you have probably figured out by now the REAL reason I decided to take up triathlon...all the SHOES i get to buy!!! Shhhhhh don't tell Tony ;o) I also picked up a couple water bottles that will make riding a little easier, screw top lids aren't the greatest when you're on a bike.  So tomorrow my wonderful husband is going to help me get the new pedals on my bike and (here is really where the help comes in) help me learn how to use these freakin' clip-in shoes! The guy at the store gave me some great advice and made sure the pedals will release easily but this will be interesting! I am so excite to try out my new shoes I think I will have to go for a little spin tomorrow after my run.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I some how agreed to meet up with the team tomorrow at 8am for the group run which means I am basically gonna finish this post and go to bed since it's basically 10:45 already with the time change.

Good night or good morning depending on when you're reading this.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chilly Half 2012

It was race day! I awoke before my alarm, when I looked out the kitchen window I saw a beautiful sunrise.  I had some breakfast, and got myself ready.  While I was packing my gels and gatorade I had some serious butterflies fluttering around in my stomach and my hrt monitor had my heart rate around 90-100 from race day nerves.  The weather had changed from my view out the window, as we drove down Brant Street the snow was flying through the air and it was about -8 i think.  With March having unpredictable weather I guess that's why it's the Chilly Half.   A few of us met up before heading and had some nerve-calming convos.  I was relieved to hear that I wasn't the only one with some race day jitters. 

It was about 9:50 when we headed to the starting line. We had a quick high-five and wished each other a great run.  I headed to the back of the pack finding the the 2:45 pace bunny.  It was about 10 am when I started runtastic I figured better to have that going then trying to get that and the music going right out of the gate.  I had my hrt monitor ready to go and hit start just as I crossed the starting line and got my playlist going. 

The race course took us south down Brant to Lakeshore, we turned by the beach path and went past the hospital.  The crowd was starting to thin a little nearing the turn-around point as the faster runners were really starting to move by.  The was the first time the really fast guys passed us and it's always incredible to see the "really fast" runners showing what they can do.   I still find it exciting and fun to run (or rollerblade) down major city streets, it's something special and you don't get to do that every day!

The crowd  at the starting line
(from the back of the pack)

After the first km I was still pretty close the 2:45 pace bunny, I slowed down for my first walk.  I started off with the fruit chews I packed for nutrition, these were something I used during training runs but I noticed something I never experience during any of my training runs.  After about 2 minutes of having just three or so chews my stomach just started to ache and cramp, not a stitch type of cramp, this was a different type of pain.  I quickly realized that every time I took any kind of nutrition my stomach was not happy about it.  The pain lasted for a minute or so at a time so I was lucky I could push through it and continued running.

I made the turn around and came back up towards lakeshore making my way through the downtown core.  I had already passed the 4 km marker and was on my way to passing my husband who was helping out at guelph line water station with my coach.  I think I heard Nancy before I saw her, she had her bullhorn...she wasn't kidding...and I called out to her as I was approaching the station.  My husband was helping out and gave me a cheer as I passed along with the rest of the people at the station and it totally perked me up.

When I was passing the 6 and 7km markers and the "really fast" guys were already making their return and us slower folks cheered them on as they passed.  It was incredible to see these guys already heading back!  I can't imagine how they must have felt...I know I how I felt and I was running my faster race ever.  I saw a few fellow iron canucks on the course and they were pushing hard and moving fast!  I hope one day I'll be able to keep up with them.

I was pushing myself harder than my last half race, I had a personal goal to finish in under 3hrs and I had a plan to do it.  I was running a faster run, I was pushing harder than I did in October at the Scotia race and by the half way point I was well on my way to making my goal time!  I was pretty happy to pass the half-way point knowing my goal was a real possibility and I knew at the very least I was half way done.

At appleby line I had another mini cheering section, Dad had come to cheer me on and it was great to see him there.  I was pushing hard and told him I would see him in 4 km.  My hips were getting pretty tight now and my stomach was still not happy with me. I was alternating with water and gels and gatorade but the cramping wasn't letting up.  I made the last turn-around at burloak and was happy to know I just had to get back to brant street now.  I passed dad again and we had a brief chat as I ran by, he told me to keep pushing and I said I only have 6 more to go! He was going to let my husband know I was on my way back. 

By this time my stomach was in complete knots and I gave up on nutrition and was just taking the smallest  sips of  gatorade.  I could see my husband at the station already had my fuel belt unclasped and handing it to him  before I could even pass him.  I had to get that thing off me.  He kept up with me for a moment as I passed and gave me some encouragement and Nancy was there pushing me on too.  I was about 2.5 km from the finish line by now.

My stomach was in complete knots and my calves were getting tighter and tighter.  I knew I was close and just kept pushing, I just wanted to finish and be done.   The second half was slower than my way out but when I saw the last couple of markers I knew I had come too far to give up (the thought of  having my husband drive me to the finish line crossed my mind before I passed by him at guelph line).  I saw the final marker and just kept pushing, my music had ended as it happen to have 2:59:00 minutes of play time.  I checked my watch and I had passed the three hour point, I wasn't disappointed because I knew I was pushing as hard as I could and when I turned the corner from lakeshore to go back up Brant I just pushed that last little bit, I needed to be done.  I saw my husband at the finish line, he made there just in time!

I ended up finishing with a chip time of 3:04:34.  I worked my way through the finish chute, got a bottle of water and they hung my medal around my neck.  I just wanted to find my husband, I couldn't think of anything else.  I saw him and pretty much dropped everything and stretched out my calves.  I have NEVER felt like I felt after that race. I felt like I was going to throw up and burst into tears at the same time. Thankfully neither happened but it felt like minutes went by but it probably wasn't very long before I calmed down, caught my breath.

I did it!!!

Even though I didn't make my goal time finishing under 3 hours as I had set out to do, and the race itself was hard and hurt like hell, I am extremely proud of my time and just doing it in the first place. I also beat my time from the Oct 2011 Scotia half by 15m 24s!!!

The only thing I can figure that caused all the cramping was not having enough water the day before and morning of as nothing I ate was out of the ordinary. I do wonder though what time I would have had if my stomach didn't give me so much trouble...I guess I will have to find out in May!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

now it's real!

It's almost time again for another race!  This Sunday I will be running in the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington. I checked the website and found my bib number, now it feels real.  Now I am getting a little nervous but I'm looking forward to it too. 

I missed a few workouts this week, I was down and out on the coach for a couple days not feeling well but today I was feeling much better so decided I hit the pool for a swim after work.   I did a few of the drills we usually follow on Wednesday mornings.  The pool was pretty quite and I really enjoyed gliding through the water while trying to remember all the things I learned in the past two months.  Keeping my head down, following through on my stroke and keeping my arms in the proper position...swimming is a lot more to remember and harder than it looks but really I just  I felt calm and relaxed in the water.   It was a good swim tonight.

mmmm lunch!

Tomorrow I plan to get to spin then a short run Friday night.  I have to pick up my race kit Saturday morning downtown Burlington then I am just gonna take it easy and stay off my feet.

I was getting my lunch ready for tomorrow and thought I would share my container tree... I have a salad with romaine, broccoli, red peppers and onion flakes on the side (these are amazing and go with everything).  In the white container I have chicken piccata and on top of that I have mixed frozen berries (that I will have with the protein powder and some almonds ) and on top is the citrus maple salad dressing (this is so tasty!)   I forgot to add the banana for the photo but that will be my pre workout snack and that right there will get me through the day.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

track day!

We met at the indoor track this morning for the usual weekend torture session.  This is a tough workout geared to help make us run faster, I think it's working which helps get me there. We did the work out then played a fun game of leap frog.  I think it was about 10 or so people running single file and the last person has to run along and pass the group ending up at the start of the line.  It was challenging as the slow run for these guys is on the faster side for me still so it was like a second full workout just trying to keep up let alone having to pass.  I passed a couple times, the last time I got around I gave it all I had. It's amazing the encouragement and motivation that comes from running with a group.  Although I didn't keep up with them the whole time, I had a lot of fun pushing during the run.

The workout wrapped up and as I poured myself into the car to head back to Burlington I briefly considered not going for my swim.  That though didn't last long as I turned down the road to the gym.  I swam for about 30 minutes or so following a bit of my mid week swim workout. 

Tomorrow will be an easy 8km as its the tappering run before race day next Sunday!!! WOW where did the past two months go!? 

that's it for today folks...have a good one!

Friday, February 17, 2012

across burlington and back

I basically ran from one end of Burlington and back, at least what I consider that area to be.  Anything after maple (ok after jo-brant) is aldershot...ok it's not but give me a break.  I made my route over breakfast and was planning to park at the waterfront lot and start from there but I didn't realize you had to PAY to park there! So annoying so I decided to head further down the road and park for free on the beach path.  Because of this I figured I wouldn't have to run all the way to "great lakes blvd" in Oakville, that Burloak would be far enough. 

I headed out with a cloudy sky overhead but the sun poke out from time to time.  I was running faster than I wanted to in the first half so I was trying to keep an eye on my heart rate.  This also happened last week when I had a bit of a hard time finishing, I didn't want that to happen again.  I push through and made it down to hampton heath and saw on runtastic that I had hit 9km.  I turned around and made a rest stop at tim hortons and got back on my way again.

I was having a hard time with my knee again so during my walk minute I was taking a little extra time to stretch out my legs, even if it meant taking long than a minute.  I was pushing to finish in under my time from last week. I went just under 3 hours last week doing 17km but I know a lot of that was because of the snow and the cold. 

I had checked my distance and it was around the 14 km mark that I realized the error I had made!  I turned around at the 9km point and should have continued another half kilometer to get my 19, I wasn't running 18 today! I was so annoyed with myself and I know I have said this before but apparently I didn't learn my lesson...but I should NEVER try to do math while running, even simply subtraction is just too much apparently.

I kept checking my time and distance determined to come in under 3 hours this week.  I made my way through downtown and the flurries had started and it felt colder than when I had set out.  By the time I made it to the car it was a quite the little storm going on but I couldn't stop without going the distance.  I ran past the car grunting and just wanting to be finished but I wasn't.  I ran almost another half km, turned around and headed back to the car and turned one last time and again back to the car to finish with a solid 19.01 km!

This is what happens when you change your route!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

mid week report

I think there are a few reasons as to why I have been dragging my @$$ this week but I will spare you the details.  I left work late Monday missing spin so I opted to take care of a couple errands for this coming weekend.  Last night I just lost my workout mojo and stayed in with the hubby to rest and watch a movie.

This morning, I am happy to say I got up and made it to the 5:30 swim!  Tonight I will do my strength training session solo as my workout buddy is chill'n on the beach (so jealous!!!) but I will do her proud and get my workout done tonight.

Spin Thursday then taking Friday off to get my 19km long run done. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Long Sunday Run

 I wasn't too thrilled to get the fresh layer of snow yesterday and knew it was going to cause me some grief on this run.  I usually like to stick to bike paths as I feel safer running there instead of on the roads. Its amazing how many people don't see you or can't be bothered to move over and give you some room.

I had mapped out 17k and got myself ready to go.  My husband was looking at me like I was nuts as I was wrapping the scare around my face.  He can relate as he's an all weather fisherman but he still thinks its crazy to run outside in the winter.  He suggested I stay in and run on the treadmill but there is NO WAY I am going that distance on the hamster wheel. 

I knew this run was going to hurt but I was trying to stay positive.  I think what ended up really slowing me down was running on the snowy sidewalks.  I was trying to keep up my speed while I weaved around some side streets but it wasn't an easy run and to be totally honest, I'm really glad its done.   I felt okay for the first half but coming up Walkers Line was tough.  I have to plan my routes better and not have to make the climb on the return trip.

My knee didn't hurt at all today which was awesome! Last week I was in some real pain within the first 5-6km but today it never hurt.  I think it was because I ended up taking yesterday off from the track and the pool.  I had woke up and looked out the window and decided I really didn't want to make the drive to Milton in the weather we were having.  I was going to head to the gym but I just felt exhausted.  I made the executive decision and stayed home and just took it easy until my 12:45 appointment. 

For nutrition I had a pack of jellybelly electrolyte beans as I got ready and packed a bottle of G2 and a bottle of water, two gels a chocolate and vanilla as I like them better than the fruit flavours and a pack of gummy sharks.    I got home and ate 2/3 of a muffin and two small pancakes. 

Today was definitely my long (and slowest) run of the week.  I hope my next one is better!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

real quick

Just a quick post to check-in, I haven't had much time to blog lately but Ali gave me a helpful nudge last night so here I am.

I really just wanted to report that for the past two weeks (and this week is looking pretty good too) I have hit all my scheduled workouts! Woohoo!

I was reading an article about the benefits of stretching and while I do stretch after workout I am going to start stretching more often.  Apparently this will help lengthen my muscles and maybe make me a little faster! I would say it would be worth it even if it just helped with the stiffness and sores post workout :)

Last Sunday long run checked in at 15 km, 17 for this week...oh boy!

have a good one all!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

winter wonderland

Today's long run wasn't my fastest, but it sure was the prettiest, I was running in a winter wonderland!  I wrapped up my 13k run in about an 1:40 with my average speed at 7.7kph.   I think I saw Liz from the group, she was probably wondering who the crazy person waving their arms was, ya that was me!   I passed a few other people while I was out, I always love the camaraderie I feel when I pass fellow runners, that and to know I wasn't the only one out there braving the weather. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

healthy anniversary!


Today is a big day! Five years ago today I changed my life forever by taking control and deciding enough was enough.  Five years ago today, I quit smoking.

It wasn't the first time I had "tried"to quit and it wasn't the easiest time either. I had learned a few lessons though from previous attempts so I knew what it was going to take and I knew what I needed to have in my arsenal to keep me from breaking down and giving up.  In past attempts I was like that flight attendant on the commercial, you know the lady who was screaming at passengers and crying on the plane intercom.  This time I was ready, I stalked up at the bulk barn on dried fruit and other snacks as well as flavoured bottle water and of course "the patch". There was NO WAY I was going to do this without the patch.

I struggled at times and it was probably the toughest for the first month or so but in general it was the easiest time I had quit smoking because I had finally made the decision that I just wasn't not going to smoke any more. 

 I went to the track for my running workout this morning then headed back to Burlington for my 600m swim.  When my friend told me she wasn't able to join me today I almost thought about not going but I didn't give my self the option.  I finished up my swim then headed over and grabbed a couple pool tools for my swimming workouts then decided to take advantage of a sale on running gear. I figured it was a good way to treat myself to such a significant anniversary.  I picked up a new pair of runners and a new short sleeve and a long sleeve shirt. 

 In prep for next week I decided to make another new looney spoon recipe by "thaiing one on".  The soup has sweet potatoes, peppers, onion, garlic, shrimp, lite coconut milk, chicken stock cilantro, basil and peanut butter.  There is also some cumin, ground coriander and a couple other spices and I threw in some shrimp, you can't go wrong with shrimp.  Half the soup also gets blended to thicken it up a bit.  It's similar to the soup I made last week but anything with coconut is good with me! 

mmmmmm thai soup!
While I was cooking I was thinking about the milestone that today is and felt pretty proud of myself because when I was a smoker I never thought I would successfully quit smoking and stay smoke-free.  I also never ever considered that I would ever be training for a half-ironman!    I still laugh a little and have to shake my head a little when I think about the direction my life is going in now but I love it!  

All in all a great day and a great smoke-free 5th anniversary!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

all I needed was a little R & R

feast from the east (eat shrink and be merry)

I was in Mexico last week for a little r&r with my husband and apparently that's all I needed in order to hit every workout so far this week! Okay, well that and a jug of tequila!  I got a couple short workouts in but nothing to write about.

Saturday I went to the track for the indoor track training day in Milton. It's amazing how much faster you run when there is a bunch of people who are faster than you, talk about motivation to move your @$$.   Sunday was long run day. I mapped out a route keeping me on residential streets as the sidewalks and bike paths were a mess.  I went 11 km and will be adding on 2 more each week until race day, which is coming up way faster than I thought it would! Where the heck did January go?  Last night I hit spin class at the gym.  I wore a new pair of skorts I picked up thinking they would be great as my yoga pants get pretty hot.  Boy was that a bad idea! I was had pretty crappy ride because I was so distracted trying to keep the built-in shorts underneath from riding up!  What a pain in the ass...but they were cooler so I might just have to suck it up (maybe).  Tonight it was the good ol'tempo run.  I was pretty happy to see that I had run half a km further than the last time I ran the Tuesday tempo run and then I realized I also ran an extra four minutes tonight! doh!  Oh well, I still had a great run. 

Tomorrow...tomorrow is going to hurt for a couple of reasons. The day starts at stupid o'clock with a 5:30 swim. I'm not sure what is worse, leaving when it is dark out or getting home after the swim and it is STILL dark out!  Actually it's not that bad, last time I just set the alarm snoozed once and get myself going.   Thursday I am going to take off and I decided to move my second spin to Friday morning. 

Thai Pumpkin Soup
On Sunday, I also did some pre-cooking to get the week started off right.  I made a new recipe from the looney spoon cookbook "eat shrink and be merry".  It's pretty good but I adjusted the sauce and served it warm instead of cold and I added zucchini instead of peppers.  Next time I will adjust the sauce again as it was pretty salty but still a good recipe to add to the box. I also made the Thai pumpkin soup again.  I love this soup for many reasons and they are as follows:

1) I LOVE pretty much all Thai food
2) It's a crock pot soup so little effort required and I can "cook" while out running (which is what I did)
3) it has peanut butter and lime juice in it (two things I LOVE)
4) it tastes AMAZING! (and my husband likes it too although I don't know if he realizes how healthy it is)

I used shrimp instead of chicken in efforts to keep it even healthier and meat free, and no I don't consider seafood to be "meat".  To me "meat" walks on land.  I also made quinioa to have with it instead of the rice the recipe called for.  I cook my qunioa in chicken stock if using for a meal like this. 

Alright, I gotta wrap this's getting late and I need to get organized for tomorrow. 

G'night all!