Sunday, April 15, 2012

the "dump" run

You might be asking "what's the dump run?"  Oh, I'll tell you. It's the craziest run I have done so far! I thought the hills at lasalle kicked my butt, well those were nothing compared today!  I was running fairly steady as I made my way slowly up King Road and thought okay this is in't soo bad...that when I was around the 7.5 marker and I hadn't really seen the worst yet.  

As I got closer I looked up the hill and realized the road kept going and where it went was up.  I said some profanities and got my run on  and ran as long as I could then got my walk on and walked and walked so more.  I said some more profanities and got the green light from Coach Nancy to turn around and head back down.   That was something, running back down was much better, at least it wasn't until then that the rain really started to come down.

The wind was fairy calm which was good, but the rain really picked up and was coming down steady for run back down to level ground.  It kept up until I go back to northshore but I just reminded myself that I'm not made of sugar.  I also told that little voice in my head to be quiet, you know, the one that was telling me I can'tdo this I can call Tony and see if he'll come pick me up and get my out of the rain.  I reminded myself that I was just making myself tougher and that any run I do without rain now is that much easier.

And now I can say, I ran the "dump run", oh, I guess I should mention that I learned something about burlinton today King Road was built on an old dump and that's why ppl call it the dump run.

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