Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a ride!

We met down at Hutches on the beach, I thought I was late after dragging my butt this morning but I got there and people were rolling in behind me.  I was slow to get going today as I got in from work around 1am this morning which made yesterday a looooooonnnnnggggg day. I reset my alarm and slept until 7 then fell back aseelp and hit snooze a couple times.  I finally got myself out of bed around 8:20 and started the oh so important coffee and oatmeal.

I backed two water bottles, two cliff bars and a banana for nutrition forgetting the all important gatorade!  I wrestled with my bike rack and after getting my bike on the rack almost dropped the whole thing pushing the the release switch forgetting about the weight of the bike that was hanging off the rack. 

Nancy rounded us up and gave us the run down and the three groups were off.   We headed down the service road and stuck to that for much of our route.  I wasn't sure how I ended up leading the way for while but I put my anxiety aside and just pedalled!  We took turns drafting "ride in a pace line" and pushed our way through the wind.   We road all the way to Grimsby, actually I think we road through and past Grimsby.   

At one point on the way out I heard that little voice in my head say "what the heck are you doing out here, I can't do this" and thats when I remembered the pic Nancy sent out after our last indoor ride, it read "the voice you hear that says you can't IS A LIAR!"  and that just made me pedal harder!  Nancy stuck with us and gave us feedback on our form and gearing as we rode.

We road out and back for a total of 52 km today with what felt like the wind pushing back at as the whole way.   That's okay though cause now any ride without wind will be easier :)

After the ride I headed home, refueled rested my legs for a bit then headed over to neworld cycle and runners for some more running and cycling gear. I don't remember the last time I bought any clothing or footwear that wasn't swimming, biking or cycling related.  I picked up a paif of tri-shorts, cycling gloves and another long sleeve dry fit top.  It's funny that I love the Nike motto "just do it" but this is the first Nike product I have bought in a long time. I love that motto so much it was my avatar for years.  Part of me even wants to get it as a tattoo but it just seems "so commercial"but you never know, maybe one day...

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