Thursday, April 12, 2012

I want to ride my bicycle

I want to ride my bike.   I got home and wasn't really feeling the weather tonight. I'll run when it's -8 but I won't ride outside when it's +8...any one see anything wrong with this?

Thanks to Kevin (Thanks again Kevin!!!) I was able to ride my bike tonight.  Kevin handed down an old trainer he had kicking around and I set it up tonight and got my spin on.  I moved a little furniture around in the basement tv room and lined myself up with the tv and get ready to roll umm actually I guess I really I mean pedal in place.  I got ready to ride with my snacks on hand, bottle cages loaded and clipped myself in for a 90 min spin session.  I also lined up my on-bike entertainment with sex in the city seriers starting right at the start with season 1,episode 1 and got four shows in.  

It was my first ride on a trainer and it went well, I found it difficult to ride out of the saddle so I was seated for the most part and even though I replaced my old seat with a more cushioned one  I see the benefit of bike shorts...must get a pair!  I was nice to be on my own bike for the ride but I think I need to make some adjustments in my seat position and maybe more.

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