Sunday, November 27, 2011

rainy day sunday

We started out the day with a 10km.  I looked out the window and saw the sky was gray with rain clouds over head.  The rain was already falling and looking at intellicast, it was not going to let up any time soon.  We laced up and headed out with a rain coats and music.  It had been a while since I had the pleasure of my husbands company during one of my training runs.

We headed out running south on our street following my usual path connecting at the bike path. We followed the path along until Headon Road where we ran north to catch the upper stretch of the path.  Along the way we ran at our own speed and just when we were out of each other site he would stop and wait for me to catch up.  One day I will keep up with him!  We continued down the path heading back toward home, but before we could turn down our street we had to get in a few laps around the track before calling it quits. 

This was the first "bad" weather day I have experienced and really the only annoying part about it was the feeling of wet feet and wet ear buds slipped.  It was 14 degrees when we had left the house and with the rain coats we had on we got quite warm, the cool rain was refreshing even if it was hitting us in the face. 

All in all we went 10.5km today.  I ran slower today, slower than I had run at the R2H but it was also my first outside long run in two weeks. 

After we got home I made breakfast and put some fresh coffee on.  With the run out of the way we curled up on the couch and watched "the way" .   When I watch movies like this I want to drop everything and just go do what they're doing, to go on a journey to see the world and have those life experiences that can teach you so much.  Today, I'm on a similar yet different journey. I'm on the long road to becoming a real athlete not just someone who exercises, but someone who trains for a reason.  What drives me on this path is the desire to see how hard I can push myself and see what I will accomplish. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

getting back on the wagon

After I finished my race in October I was getting worried about falling off the wagon and losing everything built up for that run.  This past week I feel like I am getting back on the wagon. 

It was so nice out this past weekend I went for two runs outside, Saturday was a 7km run and it was brutal!  Now I really know why my massage therapist always told me not to workout after an appointment.  I was so surprised to see how slow I was running and how hard it felt.   Also got a bunch of housework out of the way and got our laundry/storage room better organized. 

Sunday I did bit more around the house and went and picked up a few things from the store.  I went for a quick 5km, there was no way I was going to let another gorgeous day go by and not run outside. It's going to be cold before we know it so I wanted to make the most of the +15 degrees!?!  My time was SO much better than the day before, my legs felt great and I felt so much faster. 

I was feeling a bit off Monday and Tuesday but I didn't want to miss my second spin class so I went on Tuesday.  It was totally different from the Thursday night but it was just as good.   We did more temp work cycling as fast as we could then climbed a huge hill then came down the other side.  It was great work out and I am starting to know how much I can push myself on the bike. 

Tonight I went to the runner/triathlete yoga.  It was really different from the moksha yoga I have done in the past but it good to stretch out my legs and hips.  I didn't realise how tight my muscles had been and the savasna was just what I needed.

My diet has improved this week as well.  On Sunday I dusted off my copy of The Zone and decided to get back to basics with my eating by balancing my carbs, protein and fat.  So far, so good.  Next up (starting tonight) no more late night snacking...this has been a major downfall for me in the past and when I keep my snacking and late night eating in line I am way more successful.  For a few reasons, I haven't hopped on the scale in a long time and don't plan on getting on any time soon.  I don't want or need to get wrapped up in the numbers, while I know I have gained back more than I would care to admit the numbers on the scale is not what I need to focus on right.  Right now, it's more important to get in at least five workouts during the week and just eat healthy...I know how to do all this, now it's just a matter of doing it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

and so it begins

I got up this morning with the intention of going for a run but my plans quickly got detoured. Instead I repacked my gym bag and got myself ready for work.   It was a busy day and I was debating just calling it a day and going home. Instead, I ended up working late and  just left in time to my first spin class tonight, okay technically it was my second but the last time I went to one was probably 10 years ago.  I went into the cycling room and found a bike in the back row.  I was adjusting my seat etc with the help of some very nice people on either side of me.  The room was quickly filling up and the instructor came around to check on us newbies, I wasn't the only one!  I got setup, strapped in and I was quickly going no where fast spinning my legs. 

The class felt like it went by pretty quickly, we did a few different types of exercises where we went all out then had recovery and repeated 5 times, increasing the intensity inbetween each set.  Or we were alternating between sitting and standing have to keep the RPMs consistent. I was acutally pretty surprised how fast it went by.  The hardest part of the class was probably sitting on the bike seat lol. Don't get me wrong I was pushing hard and trying to keep up as much as possible but I definitly need to build up some tolarnace for the bicycle seat!

All and all, I think I liked it. It was nice to have do a workout that wasn't a run but was still challenging.  I had my heart rate monitor on and I noticed I was either in the high 160-170s or I was in the 130-150's okay, so looking at this now, it was all over the place lol. 

Slowly my plan is developing but for now I'm really just holding on until I get my formal plan in January.  But for the time being I want to run a couple times a week to not lose what I built up doing long runs, get a spinnng class in and I need to get in the water once a week.  Getting the swims in is probably the hardest workout for me as I hate swimming alone...I don't know yet how this is going to happen but I will have to figure something out.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Road to Hope Race Report

I was getting picked up at 8:30 this morning for the Road to Hope run.  Ali was running the 5km and I was running the 10km.  We picked up our race kits last night which was great, that way we knew exactly where the event starting point was going to be and what to expect when we got down there today. 

Two alarms were set making sure I didn't sleep in but I woke up and felt wide awake around 5am and tossed and turned for almost an hour.  Why is it when the alarm goes off after falling back asleep you are that much more tired!?  I finally dragged myself out of bed and made some coffee, I figured that would help get me going.

I saw Ali and J pull up to the house, made one last check that I had everything packed and we were off! We got to the park pretty early, probably a little too early.  We wondered around a bit and decided to go wait back in the car. It was pretty chilly this morning, the temperature on the thermostat said it was 2 outside this morning.  I had on two pairs of socks, my running pants, fleece pants, two top layers,. a fleece sweater and of course my Pittsburgh Penguins toque (that nearly cost me my ride to the race...Tampa fans!)  and I was still cold!

We thawed out then made our way back to the starting queue.  I felt nervous and excited for Ali, I knew how it felt to stand by yourself  in that queue for the first time.  It's funny how you can feel along when you're surrounded by people.  The man on the mic did a great job singing Oh Canada, did the 10 second countdown and they were off!  Ali did an amazing job toady and it was a lot of fun being able to see a friend start and finish her first race!

With Ali returning from her race that meant I was up next.  My dad got to the park a few minutes before I had to queue, it was nice to have him there today.  I went to get in the starting area but we were delayed a bit waiting for the last of the 5km folks to come in. It didn't take long and we were on our way.  I started somewhere in the middle of the pack and that was pretty much the only time I was in the middle lol.  Dad, Ali and J were down the route a little bit, they cheered as I passed which is always great for a little extra push. 

The majority of the people passed me but I found my pace after a the first kilometer  and there were about 10 of us that were all running about the same pace but spreadout.    I looked back only once to see if I was at the very back, it was close but I wasn't last.  I keep telling myself everyone is running their own race. There were some really really fast runners today. My goal was to come in under 1:30, I held back a little in the first loop, I wanted to save a bit of gas in the tank for finishing. 

I made my way down and around the path connecting with the main beach path.  I felt more relaxed  as I was running along the lake.  I loved training down there this summer and felt some comfort in running on familiar ground.  I turned around to head back to start the second loop finishing the first 5.  They had people directing us to either continue on for the second loop or for those crazy fast people to go on to the finish line.  There was a teen boy making his way to the finish line, the volunteer was trying to flag me to go that way too and I said, "I'm not in that group", we both had a laugh as I started my second lap.

I went past my personal cheering squad for the second time and made the turn on the gravel path for my minute walking break. I used the run 10 walk 1 minute strategy for this race.  I finished my first lap around the 40 minute mark and I knew coming in under 1:30 was a real possibility.  I was coming up to the 7km marker when I really started to open it up.  I think my heart rate was in the 170's, I tried to keep it there and kept pushing. I saw the 9km marker coming up and kept pushing a little harder, I was keeping any eye on the time knowing I could clear 1:30. 

I was pushing hard finishing the last kilometre, walked up the last hill and got going again.  There was a pack of six women all running together, I was behind them from the start.  It was near the end I was catching up to two of them and pushed hard to pass them.  I heard my husbands voice in my head as I was nearing the finish line, I thought of him and gave my all as I turned down the finishing chute.  I saw my friends and dad and just ran as hard as I could.

I crossed the finish line and slowed down right away, it was such a strange feeling as I could feel the blood pumping in my hands.  I finished my race in 1:20:05!  That was 8 minutes faster than the last 10km I ran when I was training.  It felt great to finish almost 10 minutes faster than I had wanted to.  They had run out of medals by the time I finished but they'll send them out to us.  I can't wait to see the pics from along the route too.  It was a great day for a race today!

That's two for 2011, bring on the Burlington Chilly Half!