Thursday, April 19, 2012

not a perfect week

but it has been a good week.   Monday was a great morning swim. I felt really relaxed and just enjoyed gliding through the water.  I got there right when they opened and made the most of the time I had and got in 1800 meters!   The wind was whipping on Monday evening and I pulled the plug on an outdoor ride on the way home so I set up the training and spun for a three episodes of sex in the city.

Tuesday I missed my run but I had a massage which was needed after that $^%$ing dump run (i'm over it now...but holy crap was that a tough run).  So instead of working out my muscles, I had the knots worked out.  Stretching is helping as it wasn't that painful.  Wednesday they arranged a wetsuit demo for Nineteen websites and I got to learn how to actually put a suit takes a few minutes to wiggle into one of those things!  I was back in the pool in the morning at least so I didn't miss all my workouts. 

This evening I got home from work and threw my gear on and got on the bike rolling around the neighbourhood.  I had the wind at my back and got up to 45km along uppermiddle.  I only rode for about 40 minutes outside as it was getting a little dark with the clouds so I came back and set up the bike on the trainer and just finished my ride inside. 

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