Sunday, April 22, 2012

glad that's over...

what a run and I don't mean that in a good was brutal today.  I am just going to get this out and then I will be over it...I was dressed for winter weather,the wind was chilly but I was too warm.  I had dropped my toque just after my first km, thankfully I had only gone about a half a km before I realized so I turned back and kept my eye out and it was right where I had grabbed a drink.  It was my  Pens hat so I was hopping that by finding it, it would be a good sign and Pittsburgh would have pulled through and beat Philly...apparently no such luck.

I was running down Brant and starting have some gi issues, I was debating turning early and heading home but decided to stick to the route.  I turned at costco and hit the path and decided I would take a detour back to the house for a quick stop...might as well stop at home when you can.  My husband was in the midst of his own butt-kicking session when I stopped in.  I was back on my way heading to the path when I was feeling uncomfortable again.  I decided to make another stop while there places available.  I wasn't sure what the deal was today but I wasn't taking any chances...I have heard horror stories and I don't have any interest in living my own.  

I was really dragging my butt today, I noticed my avg speed was 5.66 kmh...if I am on my game and I can be pushing between 6-7 over 7 if I am feeling good but not today.  I was having a hard time staying focused and positive but I think I know where I went wrong.  Yesterday I didn't have enough calories after my ride, nor did I really rest after and I didn't get enough sleep last night oh and I didn't stretch yesterday either and I felt that BIG time today!  I hate to say and I think this is the first time ever (since I started running last year) that I cut the distance short.  I had 21 on the schedule today and I racked up 18.5km.  I just didn't have it in me to go the whole way today.  On the plus side, I learned some big lessons...I realize now how important it is to get enough rest, eating properly to refuel  after a long bike ride when I have a long run back to back oh ya and it's really important to not forget to stretch!!!

After I got home I had a nice big glass of chocolate milk and stretched for maybe 15-20 minutes and now I am pretty much done.  I think taking a cliff bar today saved me today out there.  I crammed a bottle of G2, a bottle of Water the bar and a couple gels and a pack of the sharkies chewy things in my pockets and belt...I doubt I would have made it as far as I did if I didn't  have all that with me today. 

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