Wednesday, March 14, 2012

hump day means double day

I like hump day better when its almost over.  As I wrote the title of this entry I totally got this song in my head...ah come one you did too!

Yesterday I went for a run with the group. It was GORGEOUS outside so we hit the path and headed into the hammer.  Before yesterday I had only driven over the lift bridge, it's somewhat strange running over this bridge as the sidewalk is concrete and the roadway is metal grates.  The water was moving by pretty quickly as well with the wind.  I don't know for sure how far we ran but by mapping it, looks like it was about 8km.  Pretty good for an hour run!  Hopefully next time I am out for a long run, runtastic will make it and track all my data. 

Today, was double header day.  The alarm starting ringing 5am.  I snoozed at least once and crawled out of bed around 5:10.  I got ready and headed to the pool.  I do so much better when I am getting up to meet people, I need to be accountable to someone other than myself for the early bird workouts.  I had a great swim though and went 1600 meters without the aid of the pull-boy!  I felt like I was just gliding through the water, a really enjoyable workout.

This evening I had a strength training workout with the devil my good friend Ali.  She took a lot of joy in crafting tonight's workout and probably had more fun executing, I mean listening to me bitch and whine lol.  It was very boot camp and if you wanna bust your hump, then do one of these workouts. Seriously, a boot camp workout will do the trick!  At a moment of rebellion I told her she had to come to the next group stair workout.  (I wasn't kidding though Ali...get ready to climb!) 

After that I had a massage and holy cow did she find knots I didn't even knew I had. I knew I was tight and tense in areas but holy crap did it hurt when she hit certain spots. I am feel much better now though and am looking forward to another spin class tomorrow. I am ALSO looking forward to my rest day on Friday!

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