Monday, March 12, 2012

another week off to a good start

So I mentioned in my last post how my coach convinced me (somehow) to meet the team for the 8am run Sunday morning and just had to say I am SO glad she did!  While it was a little tough to get motivated to get up, especially since I lost the hour with the time change it was an amazing run.

We met at the mall and went over the game plan, I mean route plan.  Those running the ATB had a much longer than the rest of us, we were just running for a set time doing an out and back.  We headed out and pretty quickly everyone got into their pace.  I knew I would be bringing up the rear but that was day I will keep day!

I made my way south connecting to lakeshore and headed west.  I followed the path along the road under the highway and before I knew it I was running along the gorgeous houses on northshore.  My glutes were giving me some feedback and I knew I was paying for the ride the day before.  I was keeping my heart rate in the neighbourhood of 166-174. 

At that rate it didn't take long before I was taking off my gloves and my toque and unzipping my coat. I checked the temp before i left the house and I blame this on my sleep deprivation, but I dressed myself as if I was running in -8 weather, not +5! What the heck was I thinking!!!  When I hit the 30 minute mark I had enough and lost the coat. It was even warm with it tied around my waist but I immediately cooled time I wear the chilly half coat I got as it's much lighter. 

I figured the distanced I covered would have been maybe 6km, I thought this based on how my legs were feeling, okay it was really how my glutes felt. I realized after I made it back to the truck that my runtastic session had never started so no data from my run other than my hrt monitor. At least I had my calorie burn and burn calories did I, I burned 600 in that hour run. 
When I got home I mapped the route and was surprised to see that I went 7.4km!  I am getting faster :)

My plan for this morning was to hit the gym and do a swim, I had my bb alarm set for 5:05 and my usual clock set for 7 as back-up just in case.  Well, at 5:05 my bb did its thing I hit snooze and before I knew what happened it was 5:35 when I woke up with the phone still in my hand and my boy cat snuggled up next to me. Well, I'm sure you can assume what happened...the cat hypnotized me with his cuteness and cuddliness and in bed I stayed.   I really wanted to swim, I was practically dreaming about gliding through the water but it just didn't happen.  

Tonight however, a kick ass spin class happend and I burned another 600 calories.   I used my new spinning shoes for the first time tonight and it will definitely take some getting use to.  I found my left foot didn't feel like it was on the pedal enough but the right foot felt great.  I may have to adjust the clip but I think I will give a few goes and see if it feels better.  Over all though, super glad I picked up the shoes when I did, glad to start getting use to them before I am clipped in to a moving bike...what the hell have I got myself into lol

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