Saturday, March 10, 2012

spin spin sugar

in case you now have the song in your head... you can listen here.

What's the only way to make up for missing the last four work outs? Do two in a row!   Ok so as you know I pretty much burnt myself out last Sunday after my race.   All in all it was totally worth it but I paid for it this week when my cold came back and it was angry.  I pretty much lost my voice and was stuffed up all week and was just plain tired.  That coupled with a few late nights at work (and when I saw late, I mean real late) I was done so when the alarm rang in the morning for the early bird workouts I shut it off and went back to beddy by. 

I got home from work this morning at 3:30am...that was a solid 18 hour day.  When I got home I was fumbling with my keys and while attempting to unlock the front door I set off the car alarm!  Thankfully I haven't seen any neighbours today! After that episode my heart was racing (everything is uber loud at that hour) so I was tossing and turning for a little while.  I had already decided that the 8 am track workout was out of the question and of course the little doubting devil was coming up with reasons why the spin class wasn't going to happen either. But, when as I lay there the guilt crept in and I got up and set my alarm for 9am. 

I think I woke up around 8:30 this morning and had a little convo with my husband.  I asked, should I really go to Spin today and he said "Yes!".  So that was that, I got up made a shake and some coffee and I was getting ready for spin.  This was the first tri group spin class I had attended.  There were a few people I run with regularly as well as the usually Saturday track crew. 

I got set up pretty much right in the front and started spinning.  I had brought a pack of jelly beans and  a tiny trial size granola bar.  I had a shake before I left the house but realized, this was not enough food...lesson learned, must get bars!  We saddled up and were spinning before I knew it.  I have been to a few spin classes now at the gym and each coach definitely has their own style.  I'm not sure what made today so different, maybe it was the real bikes in the room and big bright windows and maybe it was knowing a number of people in the room but I really enjoyed the class.  I had heard the couch will walk around and tighten your tension...not really sure why I thought they were kidding...but their weren't...she does.  My legs are proof lol.  It was a great class though and I'm looking forward to next Saturday.

Since I had bailed on the track workout I had my first brick workout today.  After my 90 minute ride I had a 20 minute run.  I put on a couple extra layers (including my Chilly Half  jacket) and switched into my running shoes.  I nearly bailed on the stairs, my legs felt like rubber.  I met up with one of the track guys as we headed for the door and it wasn't long before he was off.  Since it was just a twenty minute run I did a ten out and back keeping it simple and went about 2.6km.  I know I wasn't running as fast as I could but my legs were pretty rubbery so I think it was fine.  With the ride and the run I burned a total of 1225 calories today! 
I went home after and had another shake and the rest of the egg salad and some rye toast.  We then headed over to neworld and I got some new cycling shoes and pedals.  If you know me pretty well, then you have probably figured out by now the REAL reason I decided to take up triathlon...all the SHOES i get to buy!!! Shhhhhh don't tell Tony ;o) I also picked up a couple water bottles that will make riding a little easier, screw top lids aren't the greatest when you're on a bike.  So tomorrow my wonderful husband is going to help me get the new pedals on my bike and (here is really where the help comes in) help me learn how to use these freakin' clip-in shoes! The guy at the store gave me some great advice and made sure the pedals will release easily but this will be interesting! I am so excite to try out my new shoes I think I will have to go for a little spin tomorrow after my run.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I some how agreed to meet up with the team tomorrow at 8am for the group run which means I am basically gonna finish this post and go to bed since it's basically 10:45 already with the time change.

Good night or good morning depending on when you're reading this.

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