Monday, March 19, 2012

safer on the road?

The sun was shining and I actually got home before 6 pm so I got changed and strapped the bike on the back of the car.  I headed down the beach path figuring it would be fairly light in terms of foot traffic...boy was I wrong!  It was quiet down around the lift bridge and the couple kms to the west but the further I got the busier it got. 

I couldn't believe how many people just weave back and forth across the path completely oblivious to anyone approaching from behind.  There are people who let their kids wander all over the place out of arms reach or they let their dogs run as far as they want on the extending leashes, not great when they cut across the path, I nearly got taken out by one of them when I was on rollerblades last year.  Or the people who are too busy texting or even just can't be bothered to look before walking out on the path, you know do the left right left check, like you would when crossing the street.  I almost collided with a family tonight and mom's head was buried in her phone, she would never have seen me coming.  I was trying to call out yelling passing, or on your left and I know a few people heard me but not everyone realized I was talking to them. 

Please folks, if you make your way to the path for a stroll just try to be aware of what is around you.  I know perspective changes if your the one on wheels or not, I have run, rollerbladed and now biked it and in either way you have to be aware.

Ok, that was enough of a rant and public service announcement...

I cut my ride a little shorter than I wanted, but I just got tired of weaving through people, pets and carriages so I turned back. I'm still really glad I got out for a longer ride and gave my clip-in shoes a real go in the outdoors.  I was getting much more comfortable with locking in my shoes and riding.  I decided I might be safer on the roadway instead of the path and will have to check out different bike routes around town.

On another note, dinner was pretty healthy...take a look for yourself.  Baked fish with lemon dill sauce, steamed asparagus and some brown rice.

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