Tuesday, March 27, 2012

whew what a week

Where oh where did last week go? If I think back it went something like this...
Thursday - it was WAY to nice out to be indoors so I climbed aboard the bike and hit the pavement.  I stayed mainly on the bike paths around my place as I am still building my clip-in shoe confidence out in the real world. A spin bike is NO comparison!

Friday - rest day and did I rest! I got home from work and watched a couple movies and went to bed.  It was great!

Saturday - I got up, had some homemade oatmeal...I actually forgot that the oats I use to make cookies with can actually be prepared as Oatmeal.  The old me would have preferred the oatmeal cookies instead, okay who am I kidding I would still prefer the cookies but food as fuel is starting to win out over the tasty and yummy factor...I better change the subject before I go back some cookies.

I had a two hour spin class, the longest on a bike seat yet and wrapped that up with a lovely 20 min run.  My second brick and it felt great! 

Sunday - Many of my fellow Sunday runners ran in the ATB Sunday so I was on a solo run.  Ok well, I'm usually on a solo run or at least it ends up that way about a half a k into the run cause these folks are seriously fast...one day...one day I will be able to keep up with them, or at least keep them in sight :)  Anyway I headed down to northshore for more hills.  I find I am running more of the hills and only walked a couple this time so there's another win. It's all in the small victories along the way.

When I got home dh and I followed the "stretching" video of the p90x program...I am still sore and this is their "rest day" exercise!?  I felt better after though and felt like I was able to stretch out a lot of pain from my run. 

On the way I had stopped off at MEC to reload on the running fuel and got side tracked in their clothing department. I really need to learn to go in there with cash in hand. I picked up a vest for cycling, I figured that would appease dh concerns with my road riding as its a neon green colour, serious I look like a construction sign but that's the point.

Monday...ah Monday I was so proud of myself! I went to bed with the determination of getting up at 5am and actually getting out of bed and going for a morning swim and I DID IT!  After you do something the first time it gets way easier.   I then hit a spin class after work to round out the day.

Tuesday...well that's today and the plan is to climb some stairs then climb then again and again and again.

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