Wednesday, February 29, 2012

now it's real!

It's almost time again for another race!  This Sunday I will be running in the Chilly Half Marathon in Burlington. I checked the website and found my bib number, now it feels real.  Now I am getting a little nervous but I'm looking forward to it too. 

I missed a few workouts this week, I was down and out on the coach for a couple days not feeling well but today I was feeling much better so decided I hit the pool for a swim after work.   I did a few of the drills we usually follow on Wednesday mornings.  The pool was pretty quite and I really enjoyed gliding through the water while trying to remember all the things I learned in the past two months.  Keeping my head down, following through on my stroke and keeping my arms in the proper position...swimming is a lot more to remember and harder than it looks but really I just  I felt calm and relaxed in the water.   It was a good swim tonight.

mmmm lunch!

Tomorrow I plan to get to spin then a short run Friday night.  I have to pick up my race kit Saturday morning downtown Burlington then I am just gonna take it easy and stay off my feet.

I was getting my lunch ready for tomorrow and thought I would share my container tree... I have a salad with romaine, broccoli, red peppers and onion flakes on the side (these are amazing and go with everything).  In the white container I have chicken piccata and on top of that I have mixed frozen berries (that I will have with the protein powder and some almonds ) and on top is the citrus maple salad dressing (this is so tasty!)   I forgot to add the banana for the photo but that will be my pre workout snack and that right there will get me through the day.


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