Friday, February 17, 2012

across burlington and back

I basically ran from one end of Burlington and back, at least what I consider that area to be.  Anything after maple (ok after jo-brant) is aldershot...ok it's not but give me a break.  I made my route over breakfast and was planning to park at the waterfront lot and start from there but I didn't realize you had to PAY to park there! So annoying so I decided to head further down the road and park for free on the beach path.  Because of this I figured I wouldn't have to run all the way to "great lakes blvd" in Oakville, that Burloak would be far enough. 

I headed out with a cloudy sky overhead but the sun poke out from time to time.  I was running faster than I wanted to in the first half so I was trying to keep an eye on my heart rate.  This also happened last week when I had a bit of a hard time finishing, I didn't want that to happen again.  I push through and made it down to hampton heath and saw on runtastic that I had hit 9km.  I turned around and made a rest stop at tim hortons and got back on my way again.

I was having a hard time with my knee again so during my walk minute I was taking a little extra time to stretch out my legs, even if it meant taking long than a minute.  I was pushing to finish in under my time from last week. I went just under 3 hours last week doing 17km but I know a lot of that was because of the snow and the cold. 

I had checked my distance and it was around the 14 km mark that I realized the error I had made!  I turned around at the 9km point and should have continued another half kilometer to get my 19, I wasn't running 18 today! I was so annoyed with myself and I know I have said this before but apparently I didn't learn my lesson...but I should NEVER try to do math while running, even simply subtraction is just too much apparently.

I kept checking my time and distance determined to come in under 3 hours this week.  I made my way through downtown and the flurries had started and it felt colder than when I had set out.  By the time I made it to the car it was a quite the little storm going on but I couldn't stop without going the distance.  I ran past the car grunting and just wanting to be finished but I wasn't.  I ran almost another half km, turned around and headed back to the car and turned one last time and again back to the car to finish with a solid 19.01 km!

This is what happens when you change your route!

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