Monday, May 14, 2012 did it all today!


The alarm starting chirping at 5am, I hit snooze and fell back asleep for ten minutes. The "good morning" tune started again and I shut the thing off.  I fell back asleep for a few minutes woke up and pondered staying put or getting up and getting this day started. I had mentioned my morning swim plans to my husband last night he sounded so proud that I was going to get up early on a Monday and work out, if I stayed I felt like I would have disappointed him or something so with that thought I was climbing out of bed.

It was pretty quiet on the pool deck this morning, it can get pretty busy there but not today.  I slipped into the water and it felt warm and comfortable and I was off.  I decided to see specifically what 750m felt like as that is my first sprint swim distance.  I was barely pushing off the wall  with each lap since in the open water I'm not going to have that...too bad though...the push off and gliding through the water is my favorite part of the swim.  You feel so carefree and weightless during that moment. I finished my 750m in about 20-25 minutes and spent another 10 -15 minutes finishing off my swim.


I got home from work a little later than I would have preferred...I need to start leaving earlier in the morning so I can save the 407 for the way home and get home in half the time.  I was trying to plan my bike route in my mind while I was driving home but I just wasn't really feeling it so I mapped out a quick route and got ready.  That was pointless though cause by the time I got on my bike I just wanted to ride so I just went where my bike took me today.  I rode for about 15km and spent the majority of the time in the bike lane on uppermiddle and walkers.  I had climb brant from the power center and went down uppermiddle towards guelph line, it is so much fun flying down the road I was probably around can you not love that?! 


I got back to the house and had my own mini transition, brought the bike in, switched my shoes and grabbed my tunes and ran out the door.  I have a couple different go-to routes around the house and at first I was just going to head to the track but I opted for my 3km route instead.  It is a bit of a strange feeling running right off the bike, it's like I feel hyper or something but it only took me about 1km to get into my running groove.  I actually really enjoyed the run but glad I kept it brief tonight.  I am feeling it in my hamstrings from the p90x yoga yesterday.

With the calorie burn from the swim this morning I probably burned about 900-1000 calories today.  I remember when burning 300 seemed like a lot.  Now anything under 500 doesn't seem worth it. 

All in all, a great day! 

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