Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Long Sunday Run

 I wasn't too thrilled to get the fresh layer of snow yesterday and knew it was going to cause me some grief on this run.  I usually like to stick to bike paths as I feel safer running there instead of on the roads. Its amazing how many people don't see you or can't be bothered to move over and give you some room.

I had mapped out 17k and got myself ready to go.  My husband was looking at me like I was nuts as I was wrapping the scare around my face.  He can relate as he's an all weather fisherman but he still thinks its crazy to run outside in the winter.  He suggested I stay in and run on the treadmill but there is NO WAY I am going that distance on the hamster wheel. 

I knew this run was going to hurt but I was trying to stay positive.  I think what ended up really slowing me down was running on the snowy sidewalks.  I was trying to keep up my speed while I weaved around some side streets but it wasn't an easy run and to be totally honest, I'm really glad its done.   I felt okay for the first half but coming up Walkers Line was tough.  I have to plan my routes better and not have to make the climb on the return trip.

My knee didn't hurt at all today which was awesome! Last week I was in some real pain within the first 5-6km but today it never hurt.  I think it was because I ended up taking yesterday off from the track and the pool.  I had woke up and looked out the window and decided I really didn't want to make the drive to Milton in the weather we were having.  I was going to head to the gym but I just felt exhausted.  I made the executive decision and stayed home and just took it easy until my 12:45 appointment. 

For nutrition I had a pack of jellybelly electrolyte beans as I got ready and packed a bottle of G2 and a bottle of water, two gels a chocolate and vanilla as I like them better than the fruit flavours and a pack of gummy sharks.    I got home and ate 2/3 of a muffin and two small pancakes. 

Today was definitely my long (and slowest) run of the week.  I hope my next one is better!

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