Friday, September 13, 2013

slate clear direction set

"Slate clear, direction set" these were my doctor's words.

just highlighting a few for you
So it turns out that my knees are riddled with bone spurs, also affectionately known as Osteophytes.  I had x-rays done this week and low and behold they are everywhere and not in one knee, both knees.  He also mentioned and this is the best part... my knees aren't the worst he has ever seen, but they are the worst for someone my age.  This is NOT how I want to be known in his office.  I am going to be known as the girl who totally worked her ass off to get the results she wanted!

So what happens next...I go see a specialist and see what their recommendation is for treating this thankfully there are a few options and all I can do is keep moving forward. IMMT 2014 awaits!

slate clear direction set

Running road to hope this year, probably out of the question as I am off running for the time being.  Swimming and biking are in so great news there and I will ask about roller-blading when I go back next week.

slate clear direction set

I have mostly let go of the negative feelings I had about my Ironman race and am really looking forward to racing in 2014.  This is a new year, new goals, new experiences and new lessons to learn!  And learn I will!

slate clear direction set

I now am looking at resetting my goals expectations and goals for the remainder of the year.  I certainly plan to spend as much time as possible strength training to work on becoming a lean mean triathlon machine!  

slate clear direction set

Each new day is an opportunity to work hard and move one step closer to my goals and kick my own ass!  I have never felt such determination as I do today!

Slate clear direction set.  You bet it is!

If there is anything anyone can learn from my experience it would be this: If you are exercising to lose weight, please please please ensure you are incorporating a strength training program into your overall strategy as this is critical and PLEASE consult a doctor who is familiar with strength training and weight loss to ensure you are doing things safely and correctly.  Message me if you are looking for someone to assist with this and I will pass along my doctor`s contact info.

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