Sunday, August 7, 2011

pink sky at night

I am halfway through my training schedule already!

This weekend was pretty jammed packed. I started off my day with one of my favorite shakes, I used almond milk, peanut better, a banana and vanilla protein powder.  I surfed for about an hour looking at used bikes online then got ready to go. I picked up some new running pants from lulu lemon on Friday and thought I would give them a go.  I LOVE them.  They have two front pockets for gels I think (I don't use them yet) and a back pocket with a zipper across my lower back.  I love that they have breathable mesh behind the knees and are a different material than my yoga pants which can get super hot, these ones are made for running.

I got back had another light breakfast then did a little running around to pick up some stuff for weekend prep work.  I made some fresh fruit kabobs and a dip that I totally over mixed to take to my friends engagement party.  I also picked up some black beans and a mango for my usual summer salad for lunch this week. 

I woke up around 9am this morning and first things first made some coffee and toast.  I was heading over to my parents for a family bbq this afternoon and a little swimming.  We got back around 6:20 or so and I got changed and grabbed a Gatorade for my trek.  I really wasn't in the mood to go run 10km tonight, I easily could have curled up on the couch with Tony and gladly watched a movie.  He was pretty tired after getting up at 4am back to back to go fishing this weekend so he didn't join me on my run tonight.  I headed out across uppermiddle and went as far as the bike path would take me. I got to Country Club lane by Milcroft and turned around.  It was about 4 km already so with that and the return trip I only needed to do 4 laps at the track to round out the distance.  The first 10-20 minutes were tough but my legs felt better than yesterday and I just kept pushing forward.  I actually got to the turn around point faster than I thought it would have taken (it really just felt that way though, I wasn't really any faster lol). 

All in all, it was a beautiful night for a great run and I am so glad I went after all and this picture made it worth it!

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