Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 7, Run 3

It's week 7 in the schedule. Where have the past few weeks gone, it's already August!  Next week I will be at the half way point already. 

Being the running superstar that I am (haha ya right) I have taken it upon myself to modify my training plan.  I decided (along with the direction from my wonderful surrogate big sister Adena) to join the gym to be able to incorporate swimming into my training.  I will eventually build in cycling as well but not until I finish the marathon. 

I have purposefully not said anything here yet about my future plans (probably a little out of fear or maybe still a little surprised that I want to do this and it hasn't fully sunken in yet) but I am going to start incorporating more sports into my workouts and more "events" to maintain my focus and dedication to a healthier lifestyle.  I need a reason to workout and "because it's good for you" just doesn't cut it...I was smoker for 10 years...that should tell you something lol.

As I said,  I decided to change my plan around a bit and do some speed work tonight instead of a steady run.  I ran almost all-out on the straight-aways on the track and walked the turns for mini recovery periods.  It was actually fun running tonight going fast, in my head I was picturing myself running flawlessly and super fast and looking like I actually belonged on a track.  What I looked like in reality or to the people at the track I will never know...I'll just keep the nice image of myself in my mind.

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