Monday, August 1, 2011

so that's what 10kms feels like

I finished my first ever 10km distance this weekend. I wanted to the long run out of the way early on in my weekend so I went out Saturday morning. I initially planned to hit the beach path but due to the highway closure by the skyway, there was NO way I was getting down there.  I doubled back home and laced up heading out for my "close to" home long distance run plan that I have used before.

I headed out along uppermiddle to walkers line, turning around and headed to the track to finish up.  I think I went around about 10 times to give me the minimum 10k distance I needed.   I lost track though and just kept checking how far I had already gone.  

I love passing other runners while I am out, I find there is a common respect between you and them as you are both out there going the distance and making the effort.  Overall the run was good but it was a harder run than last week even though it was only .75km longer.  I think I run better in the evenings or maybe I just enjoy being out more at that time of day.

I took yesterday as my rest day and went and splashed around a bit in my parents pool. The water felt great, what a nice break from the heat, I didn't really swim at all I just enjoyed the water.

I am struggling with what I will do today while I have a bunch of things I want and should do, it's a matter of decided what I will do first.  I guess this is what happens when you don't really have a plan, you sit and surf the morning away.  Ah well I guess that's what holiday Mondays are for :) 


  1. Keep up the great work, Mandy. You are going to be great at your FIRST ever half marathon. I look forward to reading your progress!

  2. Thanks Fran! :) You kicked butt at your half iron! Can't wait to follow you guys in preparing for 2012.