Wednesday, July 27, 2011

six weeks in

I'm six weeks into my half marathon training schedule and it feels like its going really well.  I started off this week with my amazing run on Sunday.  Last night I headed out with my DH and my always willing to participate friend Ali for a 5km run.  We went to track since we all have our own speeds and could go at our own paces. 

The weather was perfect for a run, dare I say it even felt cool outside (compared to last week).  I did some quick (and poor) math thinking 9 laps would have given me the distance and but without realizing it I went 10 for a total of 5.15 km.  DH lapped me at least once, okay maybe twice so he probably did at least 12.     I ran a few short sprints at a pretty good speed and walked it out for a little then went back to my running speed for the majority of the run.  As I was completing my last lap DH started making his way towards me so I decided to take off in an attempt to catch up to him, only he realized this a little to quickly for my liking and starting running backwards.  Sneaky.  I didn't catch him, but eventually I will.

I went for my third run this week with a friend from work.  We had planned all spring to go out and one thing after another happened so this was the first time we actually made it out there.  We have a track near the office so we met up there.  The track there is not like my soft springy track by my house, this one was paved and didn't nearly have as much give, but I figured its probably better to change up the running surfaces so I don't get too spoiled.

Tomorrow night I will run with the running room run group and then Saturday I am going for the long run instead and will do the 3km on Sunday to start off week 7.  Wow...where has the time gone? 

I was thinking about that earlier actually, I started training the night before my birthday and I am already 6 weeks in.  I actually never thought I would be able to run as well as I do, and I know I am going to keep getting better, faster and stronger.