Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the joys of running

I ended up having a pretty crazy busy day today and left work later than I had wanted.  By the time I left the highway was in pretty good shape though so there was the benefit of staying.  I cut across Mississauga moving along well on the 403 to the 407 cutoff.  I spent the time catching up with DH as he is in the midst of the salmon derby and fishing full force these days.   My mind was still churning over the details of the day and what is in store for me tomorrow.

When I got home I immediately went hunting for my running clothes and went for my tempo run.  4km was on the schedule for today and I had every intention of following my plan.  I grabbed the bb hit start  on my workout play list and off I went.

I headed over to the school tonight as I use the straight-aways on the track for my speed work and do a walk along the turns.  The place was PACKED!  I couldn't believe how many people were out and about tonight.  It didn't take me long to get into my groove running as fast as I could down the straights.  It didn't take me long, maybe a couple of laps before I was leaving my day behind me choking on the dust.  Okay, maybe the pebbles that got kicked up, there wasn't any dust.  But it's that, the ability to just let the worries and stresses go, that makes running so enjoyable.  It felt like a completely new day by the time I was done. 

I actually stopped during one of my walking sprints to snap this one...I saw the clouds and couldn't pass up the opportunity...gotta love the moments when you get to stop and smell the roses.

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