Sunday, August 14, 2011

I liked 10km better...

I am just taking a break from working for a minute to whine and complain.  I hurt, I hurt all over.  My feet are sore, my legs and hips are achy and my shoulders are tense and tight.  Ok...I'll stop whining now.

I golfed nine holes yesterday (the one and ONLY day of the year I golf), this was after a 3km run. 

I got up this morning I think around 7:45 am.  I cleaned the bathroom then puttered around, talked to a few people on the phone then did a little purging from the fridge and my dresser.  I guess the mood to declutter came over me today lol.

Tony was back earlier than I was expecting so we had breakfast for lunch and watched a movie.  He ended up going back out to fish the evening bite and I went for my long run.

I mapped out my route to go across Uppermiddle to Country Club Lane, back across Uppermiddle to Walkers then north on Walkers to the bike path where I cut back across to Uppermiddle.  It was around the ninth kilometer I was really starting to feel the tightness in my legs.  I kept pushing and trying to maintain the run 10 walk 1 ratio.  I came back across Uppermiddle towards home but still had 2km to do so I planned on 5 laps around the track to complete the distance.

The sprinklers were on at the school and as I was making my way around the first lap I thought it was just the sprinkler but it started to lightly rain.  Thankfully the rain remained fairly light so I stayed on my plan.  I was really dragging my *** at the end but I didn't stop running, I just slowed down a bit.

I made my way back home and stopped the clock at 2hrs 5mins and 12.35 km. 

Now, back to work so I can go lay down on the couch with the heating pad on my legs.

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