Tuesday, August 23, 2011

another sunday long run

Waiting for the bridge
I was up to 14 km on the my training schedule for my long run.  I was looking at the route I used last week trying to see where I could squeeze in two more kilometres.  I really wasn't feeling it so decided to head down to the good old beach path.  When in doubt, head to the beach.The parking lot was pretty empty with the few sprinkles of rain we had in the morning, I guess it scared them away.  I got myself laced up, strapped in with my music and pouch and off I went.  I walked the few first hundred metres to warm up a bit and get my legs going then I took off in my running pace.  It seemed to be a struggle to get above 160 with my heart rate, I seemed to stay around 150-154. 

Within the few ten minutes I realized I should have made a pit stop before I left the parking lot but it was too late now, I was on my way.  There are another set up public washrooms but it was a good 5km down the path but I didn't have a choice anymore.

I tried to focus on my heart rate and stick to the 10/1 plan.  It was about 40 minutes later I made it to the washrooms.  I had stopped runtastic and my hrm but when I went to start up again I must have hit end and save instead of continue so my activity was ended at 4.32 km in.  I got a new activity started and continued on my way. 

My running felt better as I made my way down and around to the 7km marker, I think I went as far as 7200 meters and turned around.  On the way back the sun was starting to poke out a bit more and every time the temperature shot up a good 10 degrees.  On the return trip I felt really good, I was starting to feel it in the inside thigh but I kept pushing along and by the last two 2km I was really moving knowing that I was really close to finishing.
another beautiful night run from aug 18

My average speed was 6.3 km/h, at least I know the speed work is improving my game :)
This is by far the longest I have ever rung and it felt great, it even felt better than the 12km run last week!  I'm reading for you week 11 and your 16 kms!!!

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