Monday, October 31, 2011

from half marathon to half iron...

I had been going back and for trying to decide how I was going to prepare for my races next year and what races I was actually going to do.  Did I need a coach, someone to kick my butt and can show me where to improve, was there enough info online to go it alone?  Just as I was trying to decide Adena posted this entry on her blog.  The timing couldn't have been better, I took it as the universe was telling me what I needed to do.  I finally got up the nerve to make it real and reached out to Nancy this weekend.  Last weekend I started putting a list together of races I thought would prep me for my goal of doing the half iron in Muskoka next September.  During my first chat with Nancy she added a few more events.

So for 2012 this is what it looks like (I'm a little scared):
 •Chilly half (which is great because I don't want to lose my endurance etc from the summer)
 •Mississauga Half
 •2 sprint triathlons
 •1 Olympic triathlon and then..,
 •The Muskoka 70.3 ironman in September.

Sunday I ventured out for a 5k around the neighborhood bike path.  It was really nice to get outside and run, haven't done that since the race.

I have been pushing a little harder lately trying to run faster and it seems to be paying off.  My speed has improved from an average 6.2 k to 7-7.2k and hour.

The run for hope (or road to hope) run is this coming weekend.  My battle friend Ali is running her first race this weekend!!!  She spent many nights out on the track with me this summer so when she asked me to join her for this event there was NO WAY I was going to say no!  She never planned to run a race but I am so proud of her for sticking to it and signing up!  Looking forward to race day with you lady!


  1. Looks like a great 2012 season.
    I love running outside right now. The temperature after work is perfect!

  2. Me too, the hamster wheel is like torture now!

    it is going to be busy but great!