Sunday, June 8, 2014

Training, training and more training

Last week was a rough week training wise. My knees were giving me a hard time during my runs.  Saturday was really tough as my knees just kept buckling over and over.  I forgot how much this happened last winter and that I was getting taped up almost weekly.  It takes a lot out of me mentally when my knees buckle so this past week I went back for more tape to see if that would take care of things. What a difference it made and honestly I don't care if it's just helping mentally! We are keeping an eye on my running form too and it gets checked and corrected when necessary, which is pretty much weekly.

Running this week improved, Thursday was still a rough one but because my nutrition was off and I felt like the gas tank was empty so I struggled. My long run this weekend was much better than last weekend! No buckling, none what so ever!  This made me very happy.

I felt the 18.5km in my legs today on the long ride and next weekend I am for sure getting back to the ride run approach, it makes a difference.

I'm back to strength training twice a week which also makes me feel better knowing I'm getting stronger with every workout.  My swim distances have also started ramping up and I already hit the 3k mark.  I crawled into bed tonight when it was still light out, you know you are training for an ironman when!

Last week our new tri tops came in and as soon as we saw them we agreed that matching shorts were a must.

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