Thursday, October 6, 2011

The training runs don't get any longer

Monday was a vacation day, but it was anything but a holiday.  I took the day off work to run the 20km that were on my training schedule, you know you're a running when you take time off work to go for a run.  

I started off down my street and connected to the lower part of the bike path.  It was gorgeous.  The weather was cooperating, the rain was holding off and I felt warmer than I had expected.  I had three layers on and that ended up being too warm.  As I made my way down the path the air was cool and the smell of fall leaves followed me.  I love the autumn, it has to be my favorite season.  I use to think spring was but running this fall has given me a better appreciation for it.

I ran my way along the path and connected to the service road by Costco which lead me to Brant Street.  I was thankful I had my new runners on because when I turned onto Brant I lost the path and was now on the sidewalk.  My legs and hips take a beating when I hit the hard concrete.

Unfortunately, I didn't do the full running schedule last week before the long run and I think that hurt me more than I thought it would.  I did a lot of walking, but it's just not the same.  I only got two short runs in and that was NOT enough.  I starting feeling it probably before I was half way, coming back across the bike path I hurting but I carried on and made my way over to the track to wrap up the last 4km.

Runtastic has been my running app all summer and the last long run, it died on me and I lost my run data, so Monday I was keeping any eye on it and checking it to make sure it was still tracking.  I was just finishing up the laps around the track, I think I had 2 left and I went to double check and sure enough...I lost my data!  I was so disappointed, but at least I had my HRM data.

I finished the 20k in 3h 26m and burned about 1950 calories.  I have never burned so many calories during exercise before...I probably have never burned that many at once ever!   It felt really good, as much as it hurt, it felt great to go the distance.

Edited to add...

I wanted to mention the nutrition I used during the run as I learned a lesson the hard way last time.  I started off having a pack of jelly belly beans (with electrolytes) to get me going.  I packed two packs of the fruit chews and two gels.  I also took one regular Gatorade and a bottle of water.  I finished everything and felt pretty good after, and the best part no nausea after!  I also decided to switch back to the G2 gatorade as it has WAY less sugar and calories.

I was looking at all the calories I have burned (through runtastic) and it was something like 38,000 so I could have lost at least 10 lbs with all the running I have done, but instead I think I have gained that much!  So enough is enough...back to calorie counting on MFD.