Monday, October 10, 2011

turkey day 10km

I was planning to go for a run yesterday before the family fun day that included back-to-back turkey dinners but I ended up watching most of the Penguins/Flames game instead.  So that mean going today, which actually worked out great!  I just got back from a fantastic run. 

I headed out and did much of the same route I used for my 20km last Monday following a lot of the hydro field bike path.   It  was about 26 degrees when I left the house, it seemed to already be cooling down from earlier in the day and really the weather couldn't have been better.  It was a bit strange though seeing all the beautiful fall colours with such mild weather.

I learned a very important lesson today, DO NOT touch runtastic while the blackberry is still in the arm band!  I lost my record from today's run before I even to got to see my stats but I had glanced down and saw my speed was in the 8km/h range!

It felt great when I was finishing up my last 2-3kms, I had the whole track to myself and was thinking about next Sunday and I could feel myself smiling.  Before I went for a run I was watching some older ironman video's online and it was great inspiration.  If you ever need motivation to exercise just watch some of those clips.

In my post from my Friday night run, I had forgotten to mention something I wanted to share.  I was just about over half-way done, going north on guelph line approaching the lights at the plaza where the bike path crosses and I just been passed by an older man on a bike.  He was probably in his mid-late 40's (I get to say older...I'm "only" 31! ;o) ) When I caught up to him while he was waiting at the lights and he had smiled and given me a thumbs up.  I smiled back and felt great.  It's amazing the encouragement that is shared between people who are complete strangers.  I felt great after that and probably had picked up the pace a little.  It was a reminder to me to give that same motivation and encouragement to the people I pass whenever I'm out there.  It's sometimes that little push we need to go that little bit further and push ourselves to go a little bit harder.  So to the man waiting at the lights, Thanks! :)

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