Tuesday, January 24, 2012

all I needed was a little R & R

feast from the east (eat shrink and be merry)

I was in Mexico last week for a little r&r with my husband and apparently that's all I needed in order to hit every workout so far this week! Okay, well that and a jug of tequila!  I got a couple short workouts in but nothing to write about.

Saturday I went to the track for the indoor track training day in Milton. It's amazing how much faster you run when there is a bunch of people who are faster than you, talk about motivation to move your @$$.   Sunday was long run day. I mapped out a route keeping me on residential streets as the sidewalks and bike paths were a mess.  I went 11 km and will be adding on 2 more each week until race day, which is coming up way faster than I thought it would! Where the heck did January go?  Last night I hit spin class at the gym.  I wore a new pair of skorts I picked up thinking they would be great as my yoga pants get pretty hot.  Boy was that a bad idea! I was had pretty crappy ride because I was so distracted trying to keep the built-in shorts underneath from riding up!  What a pain in the ass...but they were cooler so I might just have to suck it up (maybe).  Tonight it was the good ol'tempo run.  I was pretty happy to see that I had run half a km further than the last time I ran the Tuesday tempo run and then I realized I also ran an extra four minutes tonight! doh!  Oh well, I still had a great run. 

Tomorrow...tomorrow is going to hurt for a couple of reasons. The day starts at stupid o'clock with a 5:30 swim. I'm not sure what is worse, leaving when it is dark out or getting home after the swim and it is STILL dark out!  Actually it's not that bad, last time I just set the alarm snoozed once and get myself going.   Thursday I am going to take off and I decided to move my second spin to Friday morning. 

Thai Pumpkin Soup
On Sunday, I also did some pre-cooking to get the week started off right.  I made a new recipe from the looney spoon cookbook "eat shrink and be merry".  It's pretty good but I adjusted the sauce and served it warm instead of cold and I added zucchini instead of peppers.  Next time I will adjust the sauce again as it was pretty salty but still a good recipe to add to the box. I also made the Thai pumpkin soup again.  I love this soup for many reasons and they are as follows:

1) I LOVE pretty much all Thai food
2) It's a crock pot soup so little effort required and I can "cook" while out running (which is what I did)
3) it has peanut butter and lime juice in it (two things I LOVE)
4) it tastes AMAZING! (and my husband likes it too although I don't know if he realizes how healthy it is)

I used shrimp instead of chicken in efforts to keep it even healthier and meat free, and no I don't consider seafood to be "meat".  To me "meat" walks on land.  I also made quinioa to have with it instead of the rice the recipe called for.  I cook my qunioa in chicken stock if using for a meal like this. 

Alright, I gotta wrap this up...it's getting late and I need to get organized for tomorrow. 

G'night all!

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