Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

I am so looking forward to the year ahead.  2012 is going to be a fun, exciting and probably painful year with lots of running, biking and swimming.  I got a taste for racing 2011 and plan to push it big time this year.  My ultimate goal will be to complete a half ironman race in September but I have a long road ahead before I get to Muskoka.

This year starts off with the Chilly Half Marathon in March followed up by the Mississauga Half in May.  During the spring and summer I will get the feel for tri racing with a couple sprints and maybe an Olympic race.  All the races along the way will pave the way for my race in September.  I plan to round out the year with the Scotia half again and the 10k back in Hamilton (and I am looking forward to having company during this race this year!). 

I was re-reading a couple of my posts from last year and remembering how I felt then.  Looking back over the past year I am really happy with my accomplishments considering that at the start of the year I was really struggling and really didn't have any motivation to keep me focused.  I found inspiration mostly from a few friends and my husband who by believing in me helped me believe in myself.  With the support of these wonderful people I managed to climb the CN Tower, run a half marathon (my first ever race) and finished off the year with a 10k. 

Since my last race I have been running and added spin classes to the schedule and I have gone out for a few swims at the gym (concurring my fear of swimming alone) and now that I have focus and set some goals for the year I am looking forward to seeing what I achieve in 2012. 

I ran yesterday and hit spin tonight.  My legs felt like rubber but I burned 600 calories tonight, the most ever in one of these classes and I felt great after the class was done.  So I am two days in and two workouts done, so far so good!

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