Sunday, December 11, 2011

run therapy

I woke up to sound of purring from my baby boy cat, he was cuddled up next to me.  He usually sleeps between my feet and bites me when I try to pet him in the morning so this was a nice surprise.  He stayed for a while and we snuggled. 

I climbed out of bed after whiskey decided he had given me enough affection.  I got the coffee going and made my shopping list.  I decided to try making two new vegetarian recipes for this weeks lunches.  Lately my motivation for cooking has been zapped and if it isn't a crock pot recipe, I'm not interested.   I found a lentil barely soup (neither of which I have ever cooked before) and a spinach lasagna recipe.

My husband had suggested we go to the Bulldogs game this afternoon so I had limited time to get things done.   I ran out to the grocery and grabbed what I needed.  As soon as I got back from the store I was tearing around the house looking for my running gear and ran out the door.

I ran my usual 5km route heading south down my street cutting over to the bike path.  I didn't feel the need to follow the 10/1 method and just took a walking break on the bigger incline before crossing Guelph Line. 

After my brief walk, I started running again I and could see my shadow ahead of me and could feel the warmth of the sun on my back.   I opened my arms wide stretching out away from me with my palms up and felt so light as I was running.   I don't know if this ever happens to you, but during my run a few things had come to mind that use to weigh my down and today, I decided to let them go.  I decided that those people and those memories didn't serve any purpose for me any longer and I let it go.   I was making my way back home and felt amazing, today was one of my best runs ever!  I use to believe in Retail I think it's going to be Run Therapy instead. 

We made it to the game just in time to watch the Bulldogs beat Buffalo's farm team 2-1, both teams played a great game.  I had the spinach lasagna cooking while we were out and it was ready by the time we got back from the game.  It turned out great and I will definitely make that again.  

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