Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Running or was it skating?

So this is my first post of 2014, so glad to say goodbye to 2013. I feel so different compared to this time last year. I feel ready I feel rested and relaxed and I feel like I can do this! 2014, it's going to be awesome!!!

I went for a chilly 10k with a couple of friends this evening. We headed out thinking the sidewalls would be the safest route. We quickly realised that we were very wrong. We changed course and headed for some streets.

I wasn't feeling so hot for the majority of the run after having heartburn for most of the afternoon and it  continued for 3/4 of the run.  Lesson learned... No franks red hot before a workout!  

The temperature felt like it was dropping while we ran and keeping an eye on the surface was a must! Black ice was everywhere.   We ran around the neighbourhood until we hit 5k the turned back to call it a day.

I lost the route and ended up doubling back so maybe it was a little longer than 10.  The closest I came to going down was of course at the biggest intersection we crossed.  By then I didn't care and just wanted to get back.

Considering how I felt after the run I realised I didn't eat enough today either and what I did eat was not the best choice with the heartburn. Lots of time to learn though so I'm not worried about it.

I  figured a tough outside run beats the hamster wheel any day. I also need to remember to cut myself some slack considering this was my 5th outside run since August. Now that doesn't mean I get to slack off during the workout by any means as every workout counts!

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