Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Needs vs wants

In Triathlon training there are lots and lots of workouts on your schedule. Usually you will have a  few runs, swims and bikes. What is also there is strength training. I'm sure it's no huge secret that to be a triathlete you have to be a bit of a cardio junkie. Surprise surprise right?!  Anyway that's my deal, if there was any workout that was going to slip off the schedule it was going to be the weights...the one workout I NEED to be doing. 

Last week, as any week would have it, especially now during these last few weeks in the coveted off-season I have 3 days a week in the weight room as well as my swimming, biking and now running. Which exercises do you think went down the drain last week? That's strength days.

So when the doc asked me how the program went last week (you know the program he made from me, tailored to meet the needs of my knees and overall body, the one geared to make me a lean mean triathlon machine, ya that one)...I was  honest and told him straight up, it wasn't happening.  That's when I got the lecture. He made it very clear that strength training MUST be on the list otherwise I am going to need a second job to pay for all the sessions I am going to need over the next year. So with hearing that, strengthttraining has become the primary focus and three days a week you'll find me with the weights in hand doine the workout I NEED to do, not necessarily Want to do. 

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