Saturday, July 19, 2014

cheapest form of therapy... dancing and blogging... who knew?

4 yrs ago to the weekend
I LOVE this dress
I was dancing around the house this morning, yes, I am admitting this. I dance around the house when the song is just right and sometimes this happens when I'm not home alone, my husband can attest to this and if the cats are REALLY lucky I might scoop one up and carry them along for the ride.  So there some of my secret at home behavior is out there for the Internets to see! lol

Anyway I was dancing around and happen to catch my reflection in the mirror.  It was then I realized how much my body is changing and after the song finished I decided to see just where I'm at.  I have this fantastic blue dress I bought for a friends wedding four years ago and haven't been able to wear it since.  Well I pulled that little blue number out of the back of the closet and wiggled into it! I wouldn't go as far to wear it out just yet but I got that little baby on and zipped up! No way would I be able to sit down in it, but as far as it goes for a measure in how much my body has changed over the past three years or so, it was perfect!

I don't always take the time to sit back and really appreciate all the things I have accomplished.  When I finally do stop to take a breath and actually acknowledge my accomplishments I have to say it feels pretty damn good! I guess that's why it's so important to have goals, know what they are and to have them written down so you can come back them and sit back and acknowledge them.  Sometimes you might not hit them bang on but you can appreciate what you did accomplish and learn from the mistakes and try again.   And for me, sometimes I don't truly learn the lesson until I sit down at my desk and blog about it lol I get it now! I get it!  Who knew having a little ol' blog could be so therapeutic.

So for the three of four of you that are following along on my crazy adventures today is truly a sneak peak at what goes on in my head...I'll understand if you stop reading after today ;)  Oh and feel free to add a comment once in a while folks.

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