Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What am I racing for?

As you know, I had some homework from last week.  I had to sit down and really think about my goals for August 17th.  What was it I was truly aiming for because while yes, crossing the finish line is the ultimate goal that's not the only one.  After I came up with my list and I had go back and really examine it to make sure everything was actually achievable for this race and I wasn't setting myself up for failure.   

So after two rounds of my edits and two different people's review here is my list of goals for this year's Ironman race:
  • Enjoy race day and everything in between and have fun! I've earned it.                                  
  • Finish the swim within 1.5 hours      
  • Stay on the bike when climbing the back 16k (both times)                
  • Start the run by 5pm with transition times that means finishing the bike in 8 hours.  (this leaves 7 hours for the marathon)       
  • Run the first loop and run as much as possible for the second loop        
  • Finish strong between 15:30 and 16:40
  • Follow the nutrition plan on the bike  - at least 1 bottle of water per hour, 1 salt per hour if needed
I feel calm today, quite calm when I consider how I felt last Tuesday.  Even though this weekend I had some tough times while training, they passed and I am that much stronger because of those struggles.  So much, if not 90% of the training and even the race is all about mental strength.  It's learning how to dig deep within yourself to find what you need to get through the workout or the day.  What you need changes throughout the course of race day but one thing that must remain is the belief in yourself to finish.  I lost that last year, somewhere out on the second bike loop and I let it consume me and crush my spirit.  This year that isn't going to happen.  This year has been such a different year in comparison, next year will be too. But when I sit back and think about all the strides I've made I really couldn't be happier.  I feel ready. I feel calm. I feel prepared.  Sure there is still a little fear, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a tiny bit nervous but that is to be expected.  I mean, who are we kidding here it's still a huge challenge. Its still 226 km of swimming, biking and running within 17 hours! That's insane, but I LOVE it!

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